Where to apply for a loan online in Kenya and receive it within 24 hours: Quick and Instant

Get instant loan on your mobile or online in Kenya: Unsecured mobile loans  via mpesa.


Are you broke? Do you need some instant loan? Are you looking for a way of getting unsecured loan in Kenya? Are you looking for a company which can give you a loan within one day in Kenya? Are you looking for a soft loan  Then below is a  list of the easiest ways of getting a loan online in Kenya by a click of a mouse.

UPDATE: 2017 mobile loans app Best Tried,tested and proven Choice is Branch Loans, .

instant online loans in kenya

  1. KCB instant Loans

KCB to mpesa loan is one of the easiest ways to get a loan without having any big worries of guarantors.

Conditions and procedure of getting KCB Mpesa Loan

  • Must Be 18+ years
  • Must have a registered and have active Mpesa account for 6 months
  • Minmum loan is ksh. 50 and maximum is ksh. 1 million
  • You can repay your loan in one month, three months or six months depending on your selection criteria but remember the more the number of repayment months the higher the interest.
  • Dial *844# to get started.
  • If your mpesa and kcb first names are different you might encounter problems in withdrawing your money from kcb to mpesa. Visit the nearest branch and your problem will be solved.


2. Branch Online Loans

branch online loans kenya

Branch app screen shot

You are broke and need a quick loan of up to Sh50,000?  Branch is there for you.


Branch is like a bank in your pocket. It helps you control your finances and gives you access to loans anytime, anywhere.

Download the Branch app from Play Store, fill in application form, they deliver funds to your mobile money account in no time.

The more you use Branch, the better it gets. You build your credit by paying back on-time and this also helps you unlock larger and long term loans.

Download the Branch app online here: https://branch.co/app     (Be sure to enter my promo code jz26c3). If you use the code i will be paid a little commission by branch for sharing about their service and i hope you will not mind.


Conditions of getting Branch loans

  • Must be a registered and active Mpesa user
  • Must possess an active Facebook account
  • Download and  install the Branch app from play store
  • Link the app to your Facebook account
  • Minum loan is ksh. 1,000 and maximum is ksh. 50,000



3. Zawadi Loans

Zawadi Kenya provides the fastest and most convenient online cash advance services to clients all across Kenya. With Zawadi Kenya, you can apply a loan online and get the same day at no extra charge, it takes only two hours to get approval, not queues, you only need to apply online,

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The loan that you can be awarded is dependent on zawadi’s evaluation on your ability to repay. Instant loans can be returned in a month’s time while school loans can be returned in three months time.

The only problem with zawadi loans is that you must be employed to qualify for this loan.

Visit website here to apply for loan http://www.zawadikenya.co.ke

4. Mshwari Loans

If you are a Safaricom user I am sure you have heard of  Mshwari. It is one of the most reliable and fastest way of getting a loan in Kenya.  Visit your mpesa menu to set up mshwari. You can read a long article i did about opening  mshwari account, benefits and interest rate here (Benefits of using Mshwari)


  • Minimum loan amount: kshs 100
  • Maximum loan amount: kshs. 20,000
  • Repayment duration: 30 days
  • Must an active mpesa user for not less than six months to be eligible of mshwari loans

5. Tala Loan (Formely known as Mkopo Rahisi)

mkopo online loans in kenya

Tala Mobile loan (Formerly Mkopo Rahisi) app

Mkopo Rahisi gives you the the quickest and best loans online in Kenya. It provides credit at your mobile, on demand, instantly. It is the second best mobile loans provider.

  • Minimum loan amount: kshs.2000
  • Maximum loan amount: kshs.4000
  • Repayment time: 3 weekly installments

You will be required to download their app here


After you have downloaded  the Mkopo Rahisi app you be asked to scan your M-Pesa  to verify your identity, and  creditworthiness

6. Saida Loans

saida online loans in kenya

saida app page screen shot

Saida Financial services gives you a chance to get quick loans through mpesa.  For you to be eligible for saida loans you musts be;

  • Using mobile money serves like mpesa, airtel money
  • Making and receive calls on a daily basis
  • Have a discipline of dept terms
  • Once you are approved you will get your  loans instant via mpesa.

Minimum loan amount: kshs.600

Maximum loan amount: kshs.100,000

Repayment duration: 30 days

For more information on how to get their loans visit their website http://getsaida.com/


Other companies offering mobile/online loans include (i will explain in detail about them later.)



  1. Zidisha laons
  2. KIVA microfinance
  3. Kopa Chapaa


Among those listed the best two online loan lenders are are: Branch and then Tala  Loans


I will be updating this list  after every 3 months. Do you know of any company where one can request a loan and get it within an hour in Kenya.? Add it in the comment section below.  I will be back to review and add to the list it (Latest Update February 2017)


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