Top 10 Food Blog and Bloggers in Kenya

A list of top 10 best Kenya food blog and bloggers that publish food recipes and travel guides. They include but are not limited to 7daysmeal, Pika Chakula, Kaluhi's Kitchen, Nairobi Kitchen, Fauzia's Kitchen, etc. These food bloggers and websites are not just showcasing their culinary skills, but also inspiring others to explore Kenya Cuisines.

1. 7daysmeal is one of the best food blogs in Kenya that publishes a variety of Kenyan meal recipes, customizable meal plans, and information on kitchen brands to enhance your cooking experience.

2. ChefRaphael

Chef Raphael blog is run by Chef Raphael who shares his culinary knowledge through step-by-step recipes, cooking tips and tricks, reviews of kitchen equipment and appliances. He was worked in renowned restaurants such as Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi, Sheraton Resort in Orlando, Florida, etc.

3. Kaluhi's Kitchen

Kaluhi's Kitchen is a Kenyan food blog created by Kaluhi Adagala, a finance graduate and cooking enthusiast. Aiming to provide accessible, creative recipes using locally available ingredients, the blog offers simple, visually appealing step-by-step guides to encourage cooking and sharing meals as a fun, inspiring experience, whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen.

4. Leo tunapika

Leo tunapika is a Kenyan food blog that features easy, locally-sourced recipes and chronicles the cooking adventures of Gatuiri Mwangi, a passionate home cook and mother of two.

5. Kaneskitchenaffair

Kane's Kitchen Affair is a food blog run by Juliet Kane, a lawyer, that shares food, cooking, and baking tips. In addition to food, the blog also covers Juliet's interests in painting, and singing.

6. Sheenaskitchen

Sheena Kitchen is a Kenyan food blog that shares culinary adventures. If you are looking for food to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle for a better life, then consider sheenaskitchen.

7. Yummydelights

Yummy Delights is a blog is operated by a group of passionate foodies whose aim to share their love of food through an array of amazing recipes, as well as informative health and food-related tips.

8. Swahilifood

Swahili Food is a food blog run by Vanessa Mehri, dedicated to introducing people to Swahili cooking and providing easy-to-follow recipes and instructional videos to help home cooks master classic Swahili dishes like pilau, biriani, samosas, and more.

9. Pikachakula

Pika Chakula is a food blog run by Chani Solanki and her husband Jai, where they share their culinary adventures. They cook and photograph dishes from around the world using locally available ingredients in Kenya.

10. Nairobi Kitchen

Nairobi Kitchen is a personal blog run by Mulunga. It shares homemade cooking tips and recipes.

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