Where to sell House Plans and Designs Online in Kenya (for Architects)

Are you a professional Architect? Are you interested in making money by selling your house designs and plans online in Kenya?  This post will take you through the process of selling your architectural designs online in 2019.

Where to sell your house plans and designs online in kenya and make money as an Architect
A guide on where to sell your house plans and designs online in Kenya and make money as an Architect/Photo

Getting started as a beginner Architect

If you have just completed your studies and have been licensed in Kenya to offer Architecture services, then you may consider opening your architecture firm. This will make your work or services look professional.

Houses build in rural areas in Kenya do not necessarily require a house plan from a licensed architect, so you might take advantage of that if you are a student with experienced architectural skills but lack a license. However, building residential houses and units in the city will demand that you buy plans from licensed architects.

How Much Money Can you make through selling house plans in Kenya

How much money you can earn through selling your house plans in Kenya depends on how appealing your designs are. The next topic below provides characters of some of the top selling house plans at Muthurwa.com.

Characters of top selling House Plans

Below is a list of some tips we have learnt from the top house plan sellers at Muthurwa.com;

  1. Your House Plans ought to be beautiful. We know beauty is subjective but let it be appealing,
  2. Your House Plans should be affordable (meaning ksh. 10,000 to 20,000)
  3. We don’t know why, but most builders love house designs with rounded front stands
  4. White is the top selling color of house plans
  5. House Plans with a 3D presentation
  6. House Plans with detailed description
  7. Designs with Interior and Exterior presentations
  8. Include Photos of your Interior and exteriors House Plan
  9. 3 bedroom house plans are the top selling at Muthurwa.com

Types of House Plans You Can sell Online at Muthurwa.com

A list of Some of the house designs you can sell online include but are not limited to;

  • Bungalow House Plans
  • Traditional House plans
  • Two stories House
  • 1 storey House
  • 3 bedroom House Plan
  • 2 bedroom House Plan
  • 4 bedroom House Plan
  • 5 bedroom House Plan
  • 4 bedroom Mansion House Plans
  • Small House Plans
  • Family House Plans
  • Hostel House plans
  • Rental House Plans
  • e.t.c

How to sell  my House Plans online ( at Muthurwa.com)

Some of the steps on how to sell your house plans are;

  • Visit Muthurwa.com
  • Go to the help Page and learn how to create your shop
  • Create your Account
  • Open your shop (Give it a unique name)
  • Upload your Architectural designsOnce your designs have been reviewed and  approved they will appear in your shop at Muthurw.com and will be visibel to thousands of potential builders/customers
  • Wait for sales
  • Withdraw your earnings anytime to mpesa

Benefits of Selling House Plans online (at Muthurwa.com)

Some of the benefits you will get from selling your house plans at muthurwa.com that you will not get at sites like Olx include;

  • Buyers Trust Muthurwa.com than OLX
  • All transactions are completed online giving you time to do more designs
  • Your designs will get the exposure from thousands of our potential buyers
  • You retain all the copyrights
  • Enjoy repeat income without stressing yourself with deliveries
  • Withdraw your earnings anytime
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