NHIF Rates 2018 for Employed and Self Employed (Latest Supa Cover Update)

learn about the new nhif rates as at 2018 that supa covers you

New NHIF rates as at 2018 that Supa Covers/Photo.

We have got the latest NHIF rates for the employed and self-employed. The rates were updated in a gazette notice published by NHIF on March 26th 2018. The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a government body that provides health insurance cover to Kenyans.

NHIF (Supa Cover) covers the following

  • Outpatient Services: Consultation, Laboratory Investigations, Daycare Procedures, Drugs and Dispensation, Health Education, Wellness and Counseling, Physiotherapy Services, Immunization or Vaccines as KEPI Schedule.
  • Inpatient Services
  • Maternal Care — Antenatal and Prenatal Care and Deliveries (Normal Deliveries and Caesarian Section)
  • Reproductive Health Services: Family Planning
  • Renal Dialysis
  • Overseas treatment for specialized surgeries not available locally.
  • Rehabilitation for drug 6 substance abuse,
  • All surgical procedures including transplants.
  • Emergency Road Evacuation Services.
  • Radiology Imaging Services (X-rays, CT Scan 6 MRI)
  • Cancer Treatment

NHIF Rates 2018

Salary Contribution Rates
Ksh. 5999 Ksh. 150
Ksh. 6,000- 7,999 Ksh. 300
Ksh. 8,000- 11,999 Ksh. 400
Ksh. 12,000- 14,999 Ksh. 500
Ksh. 15,000- 19,999 Ksh. 600
Ksh. 20,000- 24,999 Ksh. 750
Ksh. 25,000- 29,999 Ksh. 850
Ksh. 30,000- 34,999 Ksh. 900
Ksh. 35,000- 39,999 Ksh. 950
Ksh. 40,000- 44,999 Ksh. 1000
Ksh. 45,000- 49,999 Ksh. 1100
Ksh. 50,000- 59,999 Ksh. 1200
Ksh. 60,000- 69,999 Ksh. 1300
Ksh. 70,000- 79,999 Ksh. 1400
Ksh. 80,000- 89,999 Ksh. 1500
Ksh. 90,000- 99,999 Ksh. 1600
Ksh. 100,000 and above Ksh. 1700
Self-Employed Ksh. 500


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NHIF Official Contacts

  • NHIF Email: customercare@nhif.or.ke
  • Phone Number:  (020) 272 3246 or  (020) 272 3290
  • NHIF Location street: Upper hill, Ragati Road- Haile Selassie Avenue Junction.
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