Most students find it hard to check for the HELB loan Disbursement although it is a simple process. To check your HELB loan disbursement status follow the procedure below.

Option 1: of HELB disbursement status checking

  • Visit HELB website
  • Click on loan status. You will be directed to your HELB portal (You must have registered with HELB  portal  here).
  • Click on Loan Reports and a drop down menu indicating disbursement and statement will appear
  • Click on disbursement and a form similar to the one below will appear. It indicates your loan disbursement status.
helb loan disbursement
Helb Loan Disbursement status checking/Photo

Option 2: Of confirming your HELB loan disbursement


You can also check you bank account that you used during first time helb registration. The following banks have a good reputation of releasing money disbursed by HELB to students faster;
1. Post Bank
2. Equity Bank
3. Family Bank
4. National Bank

Students can also use their  HELB smart cards to check their loan status. The smart card is divided into three three parts; tuition, upkeep and general use. You cannot withdraw money that is available in the tuition part.

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For HELB loan first applicants (first years), the procedure for  for application is here (best procedure for applying helb online) Note that you can only download application forms after after creating your account online.

You can also check in the kra portal here on how to get kra pin the quicker way for helb application for first time applicants (check here)


Important Higher Education Loans Board (Helb) Resources


  • HELB News (here)
  • HELB Huduma Centers (here)
  • HELB Online Portal Guide (here)
  • Apply for a Loan (here)
  • Apply for a Bursary (here)
  • Apply for PostGraduate Schorlarship (here)
  • Helb Enquiries (here)
  • Helb Loan Status (here)
  • Helb Loan Repayment  modes (here)
  • Helb Smart Card (here)

UPDATE: HELB disbursement  2016: Release of loans status update here

Do you have any question about HELB loan disbursement? Let us know in the comment section below. (Last Updated January 2016)

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