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Top Financial Management Tips for a Prosperous 2018

Financial management is a touchy issue and has been known to be one of the leading causes of strife among friends, couples and business partners. Sound personal financial management is key for a stable life and prosperous future While other...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Jan 9th, 2018
How not to Break Your 2018 Resolutions

New Year resolutions; everyone jots them down, but only a handful stick to them to the end. The flimsy excuse we give when asked about abandoned resolutions is usually ‘things did not work out.’ This begs the question; can one draw new year...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Jan 3rd, 2018
better living, New Year Resolutions for 2018

Going by the exchanges people are having after usual ‘happy new year’ greetings, it is obvious that 2017 was not the greatest of years for many Kenyans. While we may not be in control of factors that affect us on a national scale, there...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Jan 3rd, 2018