Continued: 5 Types of Friends You Need to Stay Away From

This previous post highlighted 5 types of friends you need to consider culling from your circle.

5 Types of Friends You Need to avoid

5 Types of Friends You Need to avoid

The sort of friends that do not help you become a better person.

Here are five more.

The disappearing act

These are the sort of pals who are never around when you need them.

Whenever you schedule a meet-up they always find a way to decline the invite.

While it is understandable that people do get quite busy at times, true friends should be able to find time after work/school, or over the weekend to meet up and hang out.

The nowhere wo/man

This is the sort of friend whose place of work or abode you never know.

Not once will he invite you to his place. Whenever you want to visit him he will always give flimsy excuses to deflect.

Another trait of such friends is that they always want to crush at your place or keep on borrowing your key to host their girlfriend at your place.

This is a serious pointer to irresponsibility. Such friends will only hold you back from progressing in life.

The ever broke

This is the sort of friend that never chips in when you are out to have a good time or contributing cash for a project.

They are forever shrugging shoulders like ‘c’mon guys, you know I don’t have cash.’

It is especially questionable when the friend is employed or earning a stable income from a business.

And if the friend is unemployed, they should at least try to make some sort of contribution.

The ‘frenemy’

This is the type of friend who doubles up as your enemy. The sort who is always shooting down your propositions or siding with your enemy.

Such a friend never hesitates to have a hearty laugh whenever someone disparages you.

A true friend should always have you back. They should be happy when you achieve something great and defend you when someone tries to attack you or your character.

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The sluggard

Beware of friends who are ever nestling on the couch downing bag after bag of popcorn.

Do not mistake them with people who are taking a deserved break from involving duties.

These are people who want to do nothing but laze around from dawn to dusk.

Avoid such persons before they infect you with the lazy bug.

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