5 Types of Friends You Need to Stay Away From

We need friends for various reasons and a good friend is a gem we should truly appreciate and let them know we do.

5 Types of Friends You Need to avoid

People we think as friends may be the enemy within

However, some people we think as friends may not be true friends but agents that are just hanging on our coattails for convenience and good times.

So how can you tell if your friend is genuine or not? Here are tell-tale signs of pseudo-friends.

The perennial borrower

From time to time we are bound to find ourselves in need. And there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to close friends for help.

However, if your friend never buys anything and is ever asking for soft loans or ever borrowing stuff, you need think of dissociating from them.

Because they are just taking advantage of your generosity.

The snitch

A friend is someone you should count on. Someone with whom you can be honest.

This person should be one to support you during tough times without going behind your back to advertise your travails.

If your friend is the sort to go ahead and spills your most guarded details to all and sundry, she’s not a friend but the enemy within.

The shady

True friends do not keep secrets from each other.

When you are truly close to someone you should be able to tell where they are and what they are up to most of the time; because they always keep you in the loop.

However, if you never know what your friend is up to because they are never forthright with you, it’s time you consider severing ties.

The negative

Life has highs and lows, hence it is normal that our friends will not be gay all the time.

However, some people are ever complaining about how this or that is stressing them. Nothing ever seems to work for them.

Avoid these sort of friends because their temperament is bound to catch up with you and weigh you down.

Keep a circle of emotionally balanced souls for your own emotional well-being.

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The bad influence

A true friend should be someone who inspires you to be a better person in all facets of life.

If your friend is someone who is always getting you in all sorts of trouble, then you need to take a step back and reevaluate your friendship.

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