Below is a list of Kenya’s most popular and consumed foods. Recipes on how to prepare the meals have been provided in a separate page.


NOTE: The foods have been arranged in alphabetical order. The most common among those listed below are ugali, sukuma wiki, chai, githeri and chapati


  1. Chai: Milk mixed with tea
  2. Chapati: A soft flatbread.
  3. Githeri: Cooked beans mixed with maize
  4. Irio: A popular dish made with corn and beans.
  5. Kachumbari: A Kenyan salad.
  6. karamu: The Swahili word for feast.
  7. Kuku fry: Fried chiecken
  8. Maandazi: A fried sweet bread.
  9. matokes: Small bananas that are very popular in Kenya. Most boiled for heavy consumption. Common among the Kisii tribe
  10. Nyama choma: Grilled meat.
  11. Omena: Small fish. Mostly consumed by the Luo tribe in Kenya
  12. Pilau: Spiced rice.
  13. Samaki: Fish
  14. sambusa: A small pastry filled with meat or vegetables.
  15. sukuma wiki: A popular stew made with kale
  16. ugali: A cornmeal mush that Kenyans eat at almost every meal.
  17. Uji: A thin porridge made with cornmeal.

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