Elijah Kiptarbei Lagat’s popularity has slumped in Chesumei Constituency  under an unrelenting challenge from youthful Kipsaro Arap Boit a new opinion poll shows.

The opinion poll which was conducted by North Rift News had the people respond to the question “If Elections were held today in Chesumei Constituency who would you vote in as your MP?” The opinion polls were open for nine days with  eight candidates included in the race to Chesumei 2017 polls. chesumei opinion polls

Kipsaro Arap Boit emerged second with 31.59% votes, less by only  3.58% from the current mp Elijah Lagat who had 35.57%. The opinion polls put Kipsaro Boit at a better chance of unsitting the incumbent as he commands the support of younger voters by huge margins and has not hit the ground.
Yet, these opinion polls outcome remains difficult to predict, precisely because of the untested nature of the non-online community. That portends a big challenge for Hon. Elijah Kiptarbei Lagat come 2017.
Kipsaro Boit served as the Moi University Student Organization chair and was hailed by many for his exemplary leadership. He has in several occasions met the deputy president and the president over awards.

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kipsaro arap boit with uhuru kenyatta
Kipsaro Boit leads in presenting an award to president Uhuru Kenyatta at State House

The Next Nandi Constituencies Opinions Polls will be conducted by North Rift News after 3 months from Now (complete polls available here).

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