Sample Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya: How to apply Online on Ecitizen Portal

A certificate of Good conduct is issued by the DCI in Kenya. Below is a sample Certificate of Good Conduct and how to apply online through ectizen portal for Kenyans and Foreigner through CID..

What is a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya?

A certificate of Good Conduct is a legal document  issued by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DIC). They are also know as police clearance certificates. Police Clearance Certificates are issued either bearing information that an individual does not have any criminal record OR in the event that a criminal record has been traced, such certificate shall bare all the offences with which such person was charged with including the results of such case(s).

However, in the event that the case(s) reflected on the Police Clearance Certificate are still Pending Before Court (P.B.C), the Police Clearance Certificate shall be issued bearing the offences with remarks ‘OUTSTANDING’ in the results column (see the attached sample certificates below).

Criminal Records are derived from Fingerprints recorded from all persons charged with serious offences which include all Penal Code offences which are subsequently forwarded to C.I.B for inclusion in the Criminal Database. The records include all adult persons who have committed serious offences, all children of 12 years and above who have committed serious offences.

How can Foreigners apply for certificate of Good conduct in Kenya

To get a certificate of good conduct for a foreigner in Kenya,  you must have stayed in Kenya for 6 consecutive months without ever exiting the country during those 6 months. Foreigners can’t use the E-Citizen platform (online application portal) to apply for good consuct. They are required to go with their documents to the DCI headquarters for verification and application.

How to apply online for a certificate of Good Conduct through Ecitizen portal (for Kenyans)

There is a comprehensive article we had written earlier on the step by step guide on how  apply online and get a certificate of good conduct in Kenya. Check the article in this page.

Sample Certificate of Good Conduct

Below is a sample of a Certificate of Good Conduct issued by DIC

Sample Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya and how to apply online through ecitizen portal
Sample Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya and how to apply online through ecitizen portal for Kenyans and Foreigners/Photo
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