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Kenyayote list of the top 100+ websites in Kenya in categories like news, business, entertainment, blogs, education, jobs, sports, travel, etc. Websites have been ranked according to popularity (most visited) using various sources of data compiled by our independent and trusted editors.

301. is the website for Ollin Sacco. Most of its members comprise primary school teachers, post-primary school teachers, secondary schools teachers, civil servants, e.t.c


SMEP Microfinance Bank offers banking services that target SME and Church banking. It also offers insurance agency services.


The Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation works to improve the sustainable management of water resources, provide better water and sewerage services, promote and support integrated water resource management to increase water availability and accessibility and improve land utilization through irrigation and land reclamation, among other things.


The Great Lakes University of Kisumu is a private university that emerged out of Africa's Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (TICH). The university provides various courses in business management, computer technology, education, social sciences, health sciences, and theology.


Kisumu National Polytechnic is a TVET institution based in Kisumu county that offers technical courses like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, applied science, building, and civil engineering, etc.

306. is the website for Amica Sacco. You can save, invest and borrow loans at Amica Savings & Credit Limited

307. is a website for Opesa loan app. Opesa app offers quick small loans without the requirement of security.


Homa Bay is a county in Kenya's former Nyanza province. Located in Southern Nyanza, along the southern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake. The closeness not only allows for fishing and other water-related activities but also has an impact on the region's climate and agricultural methods. Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Homa Bay County. Crops grown on the fertile soils near Lake Victoria include maize, millet, sorghum, cassava, sweet potatoes, and a...

309. is the website for Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco. This Sacco targets USA Diasporans.

310. is the website for Century Microfinance Bank which was acquired by Branch International. It is a microfinance institution that provides financial services to micro, small and medium, the products offered to enable clients to improve their status in life.

311. is the website for The Kenya Bankers Sacco. Its founding members are employees of the banking industry.


Meru National Polytechnic (MNP) is a TVET institution located in Meru county. Some of the diploma, certificate, and craft courses that it offers include agricultural engineering, civil engineering, building technology, plumbing, surveying, tourism and hospitality management, food and beverage, human resource management, supply chain management, sales and marketing, business management, social work and community development, CPA, etc.


Geminia Insurance firm is a locally owned and operated insurance firm that offers unique general insurance products and services. The firm began operations in 1981. Geminia offers a variety of products for saving, investing, and life insurance. It is also the leading general insurance company in Kenya.


Kwale County is located on Kenya's south coast. Kwale is primarily an inland county, with a coastline south of Mombasa. The county's climate is influenced by its proximity to the Indian Ocean, with hot and humid conditions around the coast and cooler temperatures further inland. The four main topographical features of Kwale County are the Coastal Plain, the Foot Plateau, the Coastal Uplands, and the Nyika Plateau. Digo and Duruma are the county's two primary ethnic communities. Kwale County's...


Thika Technical Training Institute (TTTI) is a government TTI located in Thika Town. Some of the courses that TTTI offers include agricultural engineering, automotive engineering, liberal studies, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics, ICT, etc.


Bungoma County is located in the Western Region of Kenya. The area receives heavy rainfall throughout the year and is home to several large rivers that are used for small-scale irrigation. Bungoma County's landscape is defined by its proximity to the slopes of Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with fertile volcanic soils suitable for agriculture. Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Bungoma County, with both subsistence and commercial farming taking place. The abundant soils of the...


The Ministry of Roads and Transport is comprised of two State Departments: the State Department for Roads and the State Department for Transport. The State Department of Roads is in charge of formulating, reviewing, and implementing road policy, which includes network administration, development, and maintenance. The State Department for Transport, on the other hand, develops policies, plans, and regulations for various modes of transportation and oversees their implementation to ensure that...


Murang'a County is one of the five counties of the Central region. The county is mostly inhabited by the Gikuyu, Kenya's largest ethnic group, and is widely regarded as their origin. Murang'a County's environment consists of rich plains, sloping terrain, and valleys, with the Aberdare Range defining its western boundary. The county is recognized for its fertile soils, which enable the cultivation of a wide range of crops. Tea and coffee production are particularly popular, with Murang'a ranking...


Tharaka-Nithi is situated in Kenya's former Eastern Province. Geographically, Tharaka-Nithi County is located in eastern Kenya, bordering Meru County to the north, Embu County to the west, Kitui County to the south, and Isiolo County to the east. Tharaka-Nithi County, like other counties surrounding Mount Kenya, relies heavily on agriculture as its principal source of income. These include tea and coffee plantations, subsistence crop farming, subsistence dairy farming, and raising other...


Mandera County is in the northeastern part of Kenya. The County is largely arid and semi-arid, with huge plains, desert landscapes, and occasional seasonal rivers. The climate is often hot and dry, with little rainfall, particularly in low-lying places. Mandera County is home to a diverse ethnic population, including Somali, Borana, and Gabra people, among others. Pastoralism supports many locals' livelihoods by providing meat, milk, and hides for local use and trade.


The Ministry of Interior in Kenya is in charge of a wide range of functions pertaining to internal security, public safety, and administrative matters. The ministry is responsible for safeguarding national security and protecting Kenya's territorial integrity. It collects and analyzes intelligence data to evaluate security threats, detect hazards, and aid decision-making processes.

322. is the website for Mombasa Port Sacco. Its founding members are employees of the then East African Harbours and Railways corporation


Moran Publishers is a publishing company in Kenya that has published popular books like The River and the Source, Skills in English, Breakthrough Workbooks, CBC books, etc. Moran Publishers focuses on publishing educational books.

324. is a website for Salama Cargo. It offers sea and air freight services. You can move and ship products from China, Dubai, India, turkey, Istanbul, e.t.c


Narok County is located in the south of the country, bordering the Republic of Tanzania. The county's primary economic activities are pastoralism, crop cultivation, tourism, and trading, among others. The county is well-known for its beautiful scenery, including the world-famous Maasai Mara National Reserve, which is part of the wider Serengeti ecosystem and home to a wide variety of species, including the Big Five. The Maasai Mara is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world,...

326. is a website for Mman Advocates. It is ideal for Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Employment & Pensions, Banking & Finance, Corporate, and Commercial cases.

327. is a website for Judy Thongori Co Advocates. They offer Family law services.


West Pokot is located in the North Rift Valley, near Kenya's western border with Uganda. The County is primarily inhabited by the Pokot and Sengwer ethnic communities. The Pokot people are well-known for their rich cultural history, which includes traditional customs like livestock rustling and elaborate celebrations. West Pokot is noted for its diverse cultural heritage, agriculture, and livestock. The agriculture and livestock sector is the county's economic backbone, employing more than 80%...


The Ministry of Tourism promotes and develops the country's tourism industry. The Ministry's responsibilities include developing and promoting tourism, managing national parks, game reserves, and marine parks, educating and raising awareness about wildlife conservation, and providing communication and information about tourism.


Tana River County is named after the River Tana, Kenya's longest river. The county is located in Kenya's coastline area. The dominant ethnic groups in the County are the Pokomo, many of whom are farmers, and the Orma and Wardey, who are mostly nomadic. It is distinguished by both flat plains and hilly terrain, with the River Tana serving as an important geographical feature that promotes agricultural activity and provides an essential water source for locals. Agriculture is the foundation of...

331. is the website for Sheria Sacco Society Ltd. Its target members are employees of the Judiciary and AG chambers but it is open to anyone above 18 years with income.

332. is a website for CreditHela loan app. CreditHela offers mobile loans to Kenyans via Mobile App. Loans are deposited to Mpesa account.

333. is a website for Wamae and Allen law firm. They offer services such as Real estate, Banking and Finance, ICT law, Insurance, Commercial law and Intellectual property.


East African University is a private higher education institution located about ten kilometers south of Kitengela's major business center in Kajiado County. The university's academic programs include business administration, information technology, education, social sciences, and hospitality management, among others.

335. is a website for Okolea loan app. Okolea loan app can be downloaded from Google play store and Apple store.

336. is the website for K-unity Sacco. It was formerly known as Kiambu Unity Finance cooperative union Ltd. It has over 100,000 members from Kiambu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Narok, and Nayndaura counties.


Cannon Insurance has been in business since 2007, providing life insurance and general insurance solutions to retail and corporate clients. General insurance provides coverage for auto, personal accident, property, money, and fidelity guarantee.


Uni-Microfinance bank is a licensed Microfinance Bank Institution targeting micro-businesses and SMEs by providing working capital, facilitating technology improvements, and business innovations.

339. is a sports website that is run by the company behind sportpesa betting. It is dedicated to covering sports news.

340. is a Kenyan payment gateway that supports Mpesa, Airtel, Telkom, Visa, and Mastercard payments.


Phoenix publisher is a book publisher in Kenya that publishes educational books at an affordable price.

342. is a website for Owiti, Otieno and Ragot Advocates. The law firm deals with children's right law, Insurance law, Tax laws, Election dispute litigation, and Family law

343. is a website for B M Musau and Company, Advocates LLP which offers commercial business services, corporate secretarial services and Foreign company services.

344. is a website for Gor Mahia Football Club. It publishes the latest news about Gor Mahia football club. From match fixtures, transfers to results.


The Ministry of Energy's mandate is to develop and implement policies that foster the efficient functioning and expansion of Kenya's energy sector. Some of its primary responsibilities include regulating the energy sector to guarantee compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promoting the development and use of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power and planning and supervising the construction of energy infrastructure, such as power plants,...


Storymoja is a book publishing company in Kenya that publishes children's books, textbooks, revision books, career resources, etc.


Spotlight Publishers which was formerly known as Target Publications is a publishing company that focuses on publishing course books. It also publishes revision books, literature textbooks, and coloring books.

348. is a website for TripleOKLaw Advocates. They are well known for their practices such as Debt recoveries, Telecommunication, Media and Technology, Financial services and Dispute resolution.


Soma Nami is a bookstore that focuses on selling African literature books. Soma Nami also has a book club where friends gather share stories about the best books that they gave read.


Africanbookhub is an online bookstore that sells personal development, parenting, motivational, fiction, and chrisitan books. Although its name depicts it as a book store that sells African books, most of its books are for non-African authors

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