Top 13 Real Estate Websites in Kenya

13 top real estate websites in Kenya ranked according to popularity. The websites are run by various real estate agents based in Nairobi in Kenya. You can also use the websites to browser for properties for sale.


Fanaka is a real estate company that sells prime plots along Kangundo Road in Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa towns at prices ranging from 300k to 2million.

2. is the official website of Cytonn Investments Management Plc. Some of the services offered by Cytonn include real estate, high yield, private equity, money market fund, pension, e.t.c

3. is the official website for hassconsult limited, a real estate company based in Nairobi Kenya. It was formed in 1992 with a vision to establish a comprehensive Real Estate firm that reinvented the market patterns by introducing transparency, Integrity, and professionalism in a market calling for more global standards.


Optiven is a real estate company that is focused on buying and selling prime plots. Some of its other business units include Construction, Insurance, homes, water e.t.c.


Knight Frank Kenya (KFK)is one of the oldest real estate companies in Kenya. It was established in 1998. It offers real estate services to commercial and residential developers, investors, owners, and occupiers. It is also available in other African countries like Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa.


First Avenue Properties is a real estate company in Kenya that provides that provides comprehensive real estate services to private investors, residential, commercial, and retail developers


VAAL Real Estate is a preeminent Real Estate Developer serving buyers of luxury property in Africa.


AMG Realtors is a premier real estate company in Kenya that provides real estate needs, be it an end-user, investor, or developer. They provide leasing, sales, and property management services.


Villa Care is a real estate company based in Nairobi Kenya. You can use Villa Care to search and buy a house, land, or apartment in Kenya at the best price.


Superior homes is family-owned real estate development, the company takes pride in being the pioneers of the open plan gated community concept in the region, it operates as a real estate firm specializing in developing a large gated residential community that consists of schools, green zones, sports and recreational facility as well as shopping complex and other commercial projects


Willstone Homes is a property development company that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. It provides a home to institutions and private investors. Visit their website to view some of their completed projects.


Saif real estate is one of the leading property developers in the East Africa Region. They aim to provide innovative, luxurious, and high-quality housing infrastructure.


Azizi realtors is a Limited Liability property consultant company, it specializes in prime properties in Nairobi and the rest of the country, it was formed with a view of offering professional real estate consultancy above board by creating synergies in the operational real estate through integrity, transparency, and speed of service delivery.


Dunhill Consulting is a leading real estate company in Kenya that offers cost-effective services in property management, development, valuation, property selling, and letting of residential and commercial properties.

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