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Bungoma County is located in the Western Region of Kenya. The area receives heavy rainfall throughout the year and is home to several large rivers that are used for small-scale irrigation. Bungoma County's landscape is defined by its proximity to the slopes of Mount Elgon, an extinct volcano with fertile volcanic soils suitable for agriculture. Agriculture is the primary economic activity in Bungoma County, with both subsistence and commercial farming taking place. The abundant soils of the region enable the production of a wide range of crops, including maize, beans, wheat, sugarcane, bananas, and coffee. Livestock rearing, particularly for cattle, goats, and sheep, is also very important. The county is home to a diverse ethnic community, including Bukusu, Tachoni, and Teso, among others.

Website: Bungoma.go.ke

Bungoma.go.ke Contacts

  • Email: info@bungoma.go.ke
  • Phone: +254 (055) 30343

Bungoma.go.ke Ownership

  • Founded:
  • Founder (or Owner): Bungoma County Government
  • Ownership: Government

Bungoma.go.ke on Social Media

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bungomawebsite
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/bungomacountyke

Bungoma.go.ke Location

  • City: Bungoma
  • Country: Kenya

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