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Kenyayote list of the top 100+ websites in Kenya in categories like news, business, entertainment, blogs, education, jobs, sports, travel, etc. Websites have been ranked according to popularity (most visited) using various sources of data compiled by our independent and trusted editors.

251. is a Kenyan eCommerce website that sells smartphones and electronic items. Avechi's main office is located in Pioneer House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

252. is the website for the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage.


The Management University of Africa (MUA) is a leading private university. MUA was founded in September 2011 under the sponsorship of the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). The founding of MUA followed the sponsor's decision to convert the KIM School of Management into a university. MUA provides a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, leadership, entrepreneurship, commerce, human resource management, and project management.


Fargo Courier is a company that offers delivery services across the country. It was established by the private security company Wells Fargo. If you run an eCommerce or online business, Fargo Courier is the most reliable delivery service provider that you should partner with.

255. is a TVET institution located in Mombasa. It offers Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Building, and civil engineering, etc.


Kabete National Polytechnic is one of the oldest government technical training institutions in Kenya. It offers courses like mechanical engineering, building and civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, ICT, Business, etc


Korient Insurance Limited is one of the insurance companies operating in Kenya. Korient Insurance primarily offers a range of general insurance products to meet the needs of its clients, including motor insurance, property insurance, personal retirement plans, life insurance, education insurance, and many more.


Kajiado County is located in southern Kenya and is mostly inhabited by the Maasai people, who are known for their rich culture and pastoralist way of life. The county's main physical features are stunning plains, valleys, volcanic hills, and little vegetation. Kajiado County is home to numerous national parks and reserves, including Amboseli National Park, which is known for its  elephants and amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Economic growth and development are heavily dependent on the main...


Vihiga County is located in the western part of the country. It is one of the four counties of the former Western Province. Vihiga County is primarily inhabited by the Luhya people, with the Bukusu sub-tribe being the most populous. The climate is generally temperate, with consistent rainfall that supports agricultural activity throughout the year. Agriculture is the most common economic activity in Vihiga County, and small-scale farming provides the majority of the population's income. Maize,...


Madison Group is a locally owned financial services holding firm that focuses on insurance and asset management. Madison Insurance was founded in 1988 and currently has over ten branches across the country. The company provides general, medical, and life insurance products. Some of the most popular general insurance products include vehicle insurance, travel insurance, and domestic and personal accidents.


Azizi realtors is a Limited Liability property consultant company, it specializes in prime properties in Nairobi and the rest of the country, it was formed with a view of offering professional real estate consultancy above board by creating synergies in the operational real estate through integrity, transparency, and speed of service delivery.


Kitui County is in eastern Kenya. The name refers to 'a place where iron goods are made'. The county was named Kitui by Kamba ironsmiths who arrived there many years before the colonial period. Kitui County's landscape is largely semi-arid, with huge plains, steep hills, and seasonal rivers. Despite its aridity, Kitui County has tremendous potential for economic development, particularly in mineral resources, tourism, and renewable energy. The Kamba, a Bantu group, make up the vast bulk of the...


Meru County is located on the eastern side of Mount Kenya. Mount Kenya, Africa's second-highest mountain, dominates the terrain in the county's southern region, providing stunning views and serving as an important geographical symbol. Meru County is home to a diverse ethnic community, with the Meru people constituting the majority. Other communities in the region include the Kikuyu, Embu, and Mbeere, who all contribute to the region's unique cultural tapestry. Agriculture is the main economic...

264. is a website for The Masai Technical Training Institute. It is a government institution that offers artisan certificate and diploma courses.


Ayazona is a fresh food and grocery delivery company in Kenya. Some of the foods you can order include Meat, Fish, Dairy, Fruits, Cake, Fry, etc. It also sells recipes.


Pan Africa Christian University is a private Christian university in Nairobi, Kenya. The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada launched the institution as a bible college in 1978. The university promotes holistic education, stressing academic success, spiritual formation, and character development. PAC University offers undergraduate and graduate studies in a variety of fields, including theology, business administration, computer science, counseling psychology, leadership, and social sciences.


Turkana County is the second largest County in Kenya. It is located in the northwestern part of Kenya.The county has a hot and arid climate, with high temperatures and limited rainfall. Livestock farming, especially goats, camels, and cattle, is the foundation of their economy and sustenance. The Turkana people are Turkana County's dominant ethnic group, recognized for their resilience, rich cultural traditions, and nomadic way of life. The County is also emerging as a key source of...


The Ministry of East African Community's mandate is to coordinate Kenya's participation in EAC integration. The ministry promotes growth in integration among East African Community member nations. This includes aiding the execution of agreements, protocols, and efforts to improve regional economic, social, and political cooperation.


Nyandarua County is located in the central region of Kenya. The county mostly relies on farming, agroforestry, tourism, and trade for its economy. The climate of Nyandarua County is mainly moderate and temperate, with temperatures fluctuating according to altitude. Due to its excellent soils and favorable environment, agriculture is the backbone of Nyandarua's economy. The County is known as Kenya's food basket due to its extensive horticulture, floriculture, and milk production for local and...


Pioneer Insurance is a limited liability company formed under Kenyan law to integrate the operations of its subsidiaries. Pioneer Assurance Company and Pioneer General Insurance Limited are the company's two primary subsidiaries. Pioneer Assurance was founded in 1930, and Pioneer General Insurance was established in 2015. The insurance company provides life insurance, general insurance, and pension-related services.


Siaya Institute of Technology is a government TVET institution located in Siaya County. It offers artisan, craft, certificate, and diploma courses.


Liberty Kenya Holdings Limited is a major Kenyan insurance company and a subsidiary of South African Liberty Holdings. Liberty Holdings comprises of the following companies: Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Limited, Heritage Insurance Company Kenya, CFC Investments, and Azali Limited. Liberty Life Assurance is one of Kenya's five major life insurance companies.


LipaPay is a Kenyan payment gateway that supports Visa, MasterCard, and mobile payment.


Bomet County is located in the Rift Valley area of Kenya. The county is endowed with abundant natural resources, including forests, rivers, and arable land. Bomet County is the source of major rivers such as the Mara and Itare, which feed into Lake Victoria. The climate of Bomet County is generally moderate and humid, with temperatures varying according to altitude. The rich soils and favorable climate make it ideal for farming, and many smallholder farmers grow crops for both subsistence and...


American International Group is a significant global insurance company. Its member companies offer their consumers a variety of financial services such as property and liability insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, and more. AIG began operations in Kenya in 1972. It is one of the country's largest general insurance businesses, with locations in Nairobi and Mombasa. It offers serices such as vacation insurance, private automobile insurance, individual personal accident, group personal...

276. is a website for Air Cargo Global Kenya. It is ideal for both personal and business products shipping to Kenya. Shop online from shops like Amazon, eBay, etc, and get them shipped to Kenya by air.


Kericho County It is located in the South Rift of the Great Rift Valley, approximately 256 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. The County is primarily populated by the Kipsigis sub-tribe of the Kalenjin tribal group. Other notable tribes that live there include Kikuyu, Kisiis, Luos, and Somalis. Kericho is one of Kenya's main tea-producing areas, with its good temperature and relieving rains from the region's high altitude. Tea production is the backbone of Kericho County's...

278. is a website for UbaPesa Limited loan app. It offers instant loans without the requirement of any security.


Garissa County is located in the northeast of the country. The county is primarily inhabited by the Somali ethnic community and has a Muslim predominance. The county's landscape is mostly flat, with a few rocky outcrops and little vegetation typical of the drylands. The Tana River, Kenya's longest river, passes through the county's southern region, supplying critical water for irrigation and livestock. Garissa County has a hot and dry environment for the majority of the year. Livestock...

280. is a website for Nurex Cargo and Clearing. It offers professional packaging, sea and air freight, road transport, and Multi-Modal Freight.


Transnzoia County is situated between the Nzoia River and Mount Elgon, 380 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. The county's dominant communities are the Luhya and Kalenjin, with other communities including Kikuyu, Kisii, Luo, Teso, and Turkana. The excellent soils and favourable climatic conditions favour crop production of many varieties, with the county particularly well recognized for large-scale maize cultivation. The county is referred to as the basket of Kenya for its role in food...


Faulu Microfinance is a limited liability company regulated by the central bank of Kenya, it is one of Kenya's top deposit-taking Microfinance Institutions which serves the unbankable through a range of savings, loans, and micro-insurance products and mobile banking services


The Nyeri National Polytechnic is a government TVET institution located in Nyeri County. Some of its departments include applied science, automotive engineering, building civil engineering, business studies, computer science, electrical & electronic, mechanical engineering, etc.


Pacis Insurance Company was founded in 2004. It is sponsored by the Catholic Church in Kenya, and its profits are returned to the sponsor and various church arms, which reinvest the funds in community projects. They provide house insurance, pacis travel, pacis Amani medical, auto private, school comprehensive, and professional indemnity.


First Assurance began operations as Prudential Assurance firm, a British insurance firm. Later, PAC became a completely owned Kenyan corporation, changing its name to First Assurance Corporation. It is a short-term insurance company with extensive experience and knowledge of short-term products. Provider of insurance services for individuals and businesses. The company provides insurance for general, life, marine, transit goods, automobile, medical, fire, liability, and travel.

286. is a website for Kaplan & Stratton law firm. They are more experienced in corporate law, aviation law, and aircraft finance.


Nairobi Technical Training Institute is TVET based in Nairobi County. Some of the courses it offers include automotive engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering, business studies, etc.


The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining regulates the petroleum and mining sectors by issuing licenses, permits, and leases to companies and individuals engaged in exploration, production, and related activities; it also develops mining and mining policies, maps mineral resources, and builds capacity for effective management of mining programs and projects.

289. is a micro Finance that links Kenyan Diaspora Investments to the local people's need of a small credit facilities to improve there livelihood


The Presbyterian University of East Africa is a faith-based Chartered University dedicated to developing holistically prepared graduates who will serve God and mankind. The university is situated in Thogoto, Kikuyu Kiambu County. PUEA, founded in 2007, is linked with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). It provides a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in theology, business management, education, communication, computer science, and social sciences, among others.


Baringo County is one of Kenya's largest counties, however, its population is relatively small in comparison to other counties. It is mostly inhabited by the Tugen, a Kalenjin subtribe. Baringo County has a variety of landscapes, including the eastern parts of the Rift Valley, highlands, and lowlands. The county's economy is primarily agricultural. Maize, Irish potatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, and cassava are the most commonly produced food crops. The county is also renowned for its natural...


Kirinyaga County is located in the central part of Kenya. The Kikuyu ethnic group, identified for its rich cultural legacy and agricultural techniques, constitutes the majority of the county's population. Kirinyaga County is an agricultural county that produces some of the greatest coffee, tea, and aromatic rice in East Africa. In addition, the county has agricultural exports such as horticulture and macadamia. Kirinyaga is also home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes,...


Gretsa University is a private institution of higher learning in Thika, Kenya. Gretsa University launched in September 2006, following receipt of a Letter of Interim Authority from the Commission for Higher Education in May 2006. The University provides degree, diploma, and certificate programs in business, computer science, hospitality management, education, health sciences, technology, and agriculture.


Laikipia University is a public institution based in Nyahururu, Kenya. Laikipia University was founded as a Campus of Egerton University before receiving its Charter on February 19, 2013, transforming the school into a full-fledged university. Laikipia University provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of fields, including arts and humanities, business and economics, education, environmental studies, health sciences, information sciences, law, and natural resource...

295. is a website for The Eldoret National Polytechnic. It offers certificate and craft courses.


Oxford University Press is one of the most popular book publishing companies in Kenya. It focuses on publishing course books and reference materials.


Busia County is one of Kenya's smallest counties, located in Western Kenya. Busia is inhabited by the Luhya, Teso, and small groups of Luo. Lake Victoria, which borders the county in the southwest, has a significant impact on its climate. The county's proximity to the lake allows for fishing and other water-related activities, which benefit the local economy. Agriculture is the primary economic activity, with both subsistence and commercial farming taking place. Maize, beans, millet, sorghum,...

298. is a website for Newspaper Transporters Limited (NTL). NTL offers transportation of newspapers for The standard group and Nation Media. They also offer other courier-related services.


Dunhill Consulting is a leading real estate company in Kenya that offers cost-effective services in property management, development, valuation, property selling, and letting of residential and commercial properties.

300. is a website for Oraro Company and Advocates law firm. They provide legal services locally and also regionally. Services they offer include corporate and commercial law, Dispute and resolution, Asset tracing and recoveries, and Arbitration among others.

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