Top 10 Best Online Stock Trading and Investment Platforms in Kenya

Below are some of the best stock trading and investment apps/websites available in Kenya that offer convenient and user-friendly platforms for buying and selling shares online. The platforms provide investors with the ability to trade equities on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, track their investments using advanced portfolio management tools, and potentially earn attractive returns through dividend investments or speculation. You can start investing with as little as 1000 Kenyan Shillings.

1. SBG Securities

SBG Securities is a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group that offers a wide range of stock trading services. It facilitates account opening, settlement of shares, immobilization of shares, pledging/releasing of shares, private transfers, and transmission of shares for succession. It also provides equity trading advisory services, guiding clients on optimal trade execution strategies for large and illiquid transactions. Its fixed income services include advisory on primary Treasury bond issues and...

2. Kingdom Securities

Kingdom Securities Limited (KSL) is a subsidiary company of the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited. KSL offers online share trading services to investors through its web-based trading platform and mobile app. The online platforms provide direct access for investors to manage and trade shares.

3. Genghis Capital

Genghis Capital is a leading investment solutions provider in Kenya, licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA). It facilitates securities trading through client CDS accounts, provides retirement benefits products including individual pension plans and an income drawdown fund, and manages a unit trust.

4. Dyer and Blair

Dyer and Blair Investment Bank is a pioneering investment institution established in 1954 that has played a pivotal role in the development of capital markets in East Africa. With a renowned reputation backed by accolades from esteemed organizations like Euromoney and the Kenyan Capital Markets Awards, Dyer and Blair offers comprehensive financial services. These include executing transactions across equity and fixed-income markets through its brokerage arm, facilitating 24/7 real-time online...

5. Faida Investment Bank

Faida is an investment bank that offers brokerage services, corporate finance advisory, Markets and institutional research.

6. Abacus

Abacus is an online investment platform that bridges the gap between global investors and African financial markets. The company empowers both local and international investors by providing them with the ability to research and invest in various African investment products anytime and from anywhere. Abacus offers a diverse range of investment options, including stocks, unit trusts, bonds, and bills. Abacus is also licensed as a data vendor by the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) and an agent...

7. Cashlet

Cashlet is a modern financial platform that makes it easy for users to save and invest their money starting with just Ksh 100. It offers attractive interest rates ranging from 11% to 16% per annum on its money market funds, allowing users to grow their savings efficiently. Cashlet is accessible through a mobile app.


Hisa is an investment platform that allows Africans to easily invest in a range of local and global assets like stocks, ETFs, bonds, and alternative investments. It provides simplified investment products and educational resources.


Ndovu is a digital platform makes it easier and affordable for Kenyans to participate in both local and global financial markets. Ndovu curates a selection of investment funds in various sectors worldwide as well as domestic ones, empowering users to build diversified portfolios aligned with their financial objectives while managing risk exposure appropriately.

10. FXPesa

FXPesa is a global online brokerage firm that allows customers to trade a wide range of financial products including forex pairs, stocks, indices, and more. Therefore, is it ideal if you are looking to buy shares in global companies. It is important to note that unlike other listed companies, FXPesa requires a learning curve.

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