Best Part Time Jobs for College, University students in Kenya (Online and offline)

What follows is a blog post with a detailed list of some of the best jobs for University and college students in Kenya (Online and Offline). I am assuming that you are a campus student looking for some part time job in Kenya now that you have arrived at this article.

A list of Best Part Time Jobs for College and University students in Kenya online
A list of some of the Best Part Time Jobs for College and University students in Kenya (online and offline)/Photo

University life in Kenya and the need for a part time job

University or College life in Kenya revolves around four things. That is Grades, Sleep, Social life and Money. Of the four, Social Life attracts the highest expenses. To maintain your social life in university, you need some part  time job.

Each semester in campus has about 3 to 4 months. Of the four months, about 2 months are just free time scattered in between the 4 months of learning. Therefore students can use this free time in doing some offline or online job..

Best Jobs for Campus Students in Kenya

 Below is a list of some of the best jobs for students in Kenya. We are going to look at online jobs and traditional (offline) jobs. It is upto you to find work that fits your schedule when you don’t have a whole lot of extra time and still make pretty decent money

I recommend students to do jobs that build their brand. I don’t prefer jobs like writing for people. Such jobs do not build your brand at all but will turn you into a slave. However, if you are running low on budget then you may consider such jobs as the last option.

You might be interested in reading an article we wrote earlier about Billion Dollar Companies that were started by Students While in College and University.

1) Graphic Design job for university students

Graphic design is such an easy work to learn. And the good thing is that you get better over time. If you have a laptop, just download some free Graphic Design software online and learn basic design. You don’t have to be a pro or be doing a related course.

You can do Party Designs, Web designs, Business Cards, Campaign Posters, Part Flyer e.t.c. There are so many activities in campus that need such designs.

If you remain consistent, by the time you leave campus, you would have created a great graphic design company.

2) Campus Photographer Job

You might have to start small and free to attract clients then later charge a little fee as your brand grows. Invest in a high quality camera. Avoid smartphone cameras as they don’t bring that professionalism in your work.  You can visit OLX Kenya and such for quality cheap cameras.

Go to club parties, campus events like Fresherz night, Cultural Week, Mr and Miss University, Graduations  e.t.c and take random photos.

You can then sell the photos to the students directly or sell them at photos section. Somebody is likely to buy that Random quality photo where he or she is featured even if it takes a month.

Photography jobs for university and college students in kenya
Photography jobs for university and college students in Kenya/Photo

3) Writing eBooks and Selling

We all know that a school library is a free open source for learning. etc  This provides you with ready resources where you can do research and write multiple books that you think people might be interested in.  You can then open your shop at and sell.


4) Earn through Blogging

 Blogging is one of the best ways through which students can earn money online in Kenya.  Blogging needs good writing skills with some basic technical skills.

Creating a blog is not a difficult task in these days. After creating a blog, update it frequently by posting different kinds of quality and unique articles. Once your blog receives decent number of traffic, monetize it with any popular advertising programs like Google Adsense.

There is  an amazing ebook at Muthurwa that explains how to create a blog and make money online in Kenya through blogging.

best online jobs for students in kenya
Making money online in Kenya as a student blogger/Photo

5) Freelance Writing Jobs

This the most commonly talked  about as the best choice for students looking for online jobs but as I had indicated earlier, this should be the last option. You will be required to go through application processes to be approved as a writer in some of the websites listed below;

You can also read  Jobs in Kenya: Apply for Jobs at Kenyatta University with minimum KCSE requirements

We hope you have learnt of some of the best jobs that students can do in Kenya. If you have  some class notes to sell then checkout muthurwa marketplace.

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    1. being a student i find it better to work with part time jobs so that my classes may not pend,, so part time jobs are the best

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