What is a letter of appreciation for grant funding and what is meant for? When you receive funding from donors a simple thank you letter will help to build your relationship with the donors and it will also show them that you are grateful for their support in a letter of appreciation for grant funding, one gets to thanks and acknowledges them the organization offering the grant and Inform them of the impact the their funding will have to the project in which they donated.



People usually compete for grant funds and few are lucky enough to be awarded so if you are lucky to be one of them, it is important to you build a strong relationship with the grantors in order to be considered again for such an opportunity in future.


A letter of appreciation for grant funding will make the grantors feel that their efforts are appreciated .If you have been awarded grants by a certain organization on several occasions. Show them that you are grateful for their help.


When writing a letter of appreciation for grant funding always remember to:

  • Make it simple
  • Accompany the letter with a small appreciation gift
  • Make the donors feel appreciated. Don’t be afraid to get emotional while trying to show how grateful you are.
  • Don’t forget it is a letter of appreciation and not an opportunity to ask for more funding
  • Use a warm and friendly tone
  • Acknowledge the donors support if they are a regular donor by referring to their previous support
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NOTE: We will share a sample letter of appreciation for grant funding here and how to write one. This post is only sharing on what a  letter of appreciation for grant funding  is.

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