Most of you would agree that life in campus is very competitive especially when it comes to fashion and style. However,there is still restrictions to what one can wear and comfortably move around with. Some universities have a well drafted guidelines on the expected dressing code .But still, even with all these, you can still rock and attain that slaying look. Here is how;

How to stay stylish and yet comfortable in Campus, College
How to stay stylish and yet comfortable in Campus, College/Photo


Fitting clothes

Whenever you go out shopping for clothes,buy fitting ones.It is even better if you get to know your size.That will save you the hussle of trying everything on.Ask the shop attendants, they always know. Fitting clothes not only make you look fabulous but always let you look your age or even younger.You do not want to be a walking-sack.

Comfortable shoes

University life includes alot of rushing in between classes.It is a fast moving little world.Therefore,you need shoes that will allow you to walk faster without causing any kind of pressure to your feet.If you are a man, get the right size. And if you are a lady, watchout for those eye-tempting stilettos…maybe a pair or two for special occasions. There are so many high-heeled shoes you can choose from.The secret is to let your feet breath. That way you will be able to concentrate on things that matter…studies.

Go affordable

The term affordable is relative to every individual.Stick within your means.If you cannot shop on high-end stores, there are so many options for you. Like I said in my earlier article “How to survive through campus within your means“, visit open air markets and low-end stalls once in a while and you will find fancy stuff at pocket friendly prices.

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