This morning a section of Kakamega residents took to the streets to stage a peaceful protest to demand Ezra Chiloba’s resignation. The IEBC CEO is under fire for the largely flawed August 8th presidential polls.

Khalwale Leads Kakamega Demos for Chiloba Resignation
Khalwale Leads Kakamega Demos for Chiloba Resignation

Opposition outfit NASA coalition has promised not take part in the repeat polls unless radical reforms, which include resignation of Chiloba, are effected.

Led by former Kakamega Senator and Gubernatorial aspirant Boni Khalwale, the protestors waved twigs and placards chanting “Chiloba must go!” Bystanders not gutsy enough to join the protests cheered those on the streets in demanding Chiloba’s resignation.

Khalwale Leads Kakamega Demos for Chiloba Resignation
Khalwale Leads Kakamega Demos for Chiloba Resignation

Anti-riot police in trucks had little to do but to follow the protestors from a safe distance as the demos were nothing but peaceful.

NASA supporters took issue with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statement in Mumias that he had given their son Chiloba a job. They took this as confirmation that the CEO is openly partisan and is not fit to hold office.

On Saturday the President held a meeting with at Kakamega State Lodge and addressed thousands he claimed were leaders from various Luhya regions. Residents however disowned the attendees as their leaders, noting that most had been ferried in buses from as far as Rift valley to create the illusion of support on the ground.

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IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati has also severally shown contempt for his CEO, at some point writing a fiery memo to him. In the infamous memo, Chebukati demanded that Chiloba provide answers for several electoral malpractices he believed the CEO and those under him were complicit.

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