English and Swahili are the official languages of Kenya. While not all of Kenya’s population speaks fluent or Basic English, Nearly all of the Kenyan population speaks Swahili. Swahili is also spoken across many countries in sub Saharan Africa for example Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, and Congo amongst others. We have prepared a list of basic greeting phrases of the two official languages that might be helpful to a foreigner.


Learn to speak basic Kenya official languages (Kiswahili)


  • Hello = Habari gani Jambo / hujambo /
  • Hi=sasa/jambo
  • How are you? = habari yako
  • I am fine= niko salama/ nzuri/niko poa/sijambo/salama/njema
  • I am fine and you= niko salama na wewe je? Sijambo na wewe je?
  • Goodbye = Kwa heri /
  • Nice to meet you = Nafurahi kukujua/ nimefurahi kukutana na wewe
  • Good morning – habari za asubuhi?
  • Good afternoon = habari za mchana
  • Good evening=habari ya jioni
  • Goodnight = Lala salama
  • How have you been= unaendeleaje
  • How is your day= habari ya leo
  • How are things= unaendeleaje
  • Long time no see= umepotea sana/ sijakuona kwa muda
  • How do you do = unaendeleaje
  • Are you okay= uko salama
  • What’s up = sasa/vipi/niaje
  • Good day mate/ friend= uwe na siku njema rafiki
  • Thank you very much = Asante sana
  • Please = Tafadhali
  • OK = Sawa
  • Excuse me = Samahani
  • Thank you = Asante
  • Welcome-karibu
  • Have a nice day= uwe na siku njema/ nakutakia siku njema
  • Birthday greetings- nakutakia siku njema / nakutakia furaha katika siku yako ya kuzaliwa (to mean I wish you a happy birthday)
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