Babu Owino, now Embakasi East Member of Parliament, is known to be one not to shy away from drama and controversy. And he did not disappoint on his first day in the house. During their swearing in, MPs are supposed to read a written oath verbatim. Babu, however, chose to add the words ‘Raila Odinga’ and ‘Tibim’ to the oath, forcing the clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Sialai, to ask him to retake the oath.


Babu’s ‘remixed’ oath went like;


“I, Babu Owino, having been elected a member of the national assembly, do swear in the name of Almighty God, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the people of the republic of Kenya and Raila Odinga. That I will obey, respect, uphold, preserve, protect and defend this constitution of the republic of Kenya and that I would faithfully and conscientiously discharge the duties of a member of Parliament, so help me God. Thank You. Tibim!”

Before retaking the oath Babu noted that they had forgotten to add Raila Odinga’s name to the oath.

Video of Babu Owino Swearing in Parliament

It appears Babu never wastes a chance to display adoration for his party leader. During one of NASA’s press conferences as controversy raged over the presidential tally, Babu was caught on camera saying that he is ready to die in the quest to see Raila is sworn in as President.

Away from Babu, several MPs had a hard time pronouncing the word “conscientiously” correctly. Some mumbled incoherently and swiftly moved on while others drew chuckles as they got stuck trying to pronounce it correctly.

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The August House promises to be full of drama given that we will be having the likes of Babu Owino, Moses Kuria, Charles Kanyi (Jaguar), Mohamed Ali (Jicho Pevu), Aden Duale and Millie Odhiambo under one roof.

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