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Emotional Immaturity in relationships and the Need for Control

Many are times we are faced with catastrophic events that make us wish the earth could open up and swallow us. Adversities are a normal part of life and shouldn’t seem insurmountable. Photo: Courtesy It could be a financial crisis, a nasty...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Feb 5th, 2018
How to overcome Anxiety and fear; beating them naturally

Overcoming anxiety and fear: Anxiety is a fairly common emotion that all of us have to experience from time to time. We feel anxious when encountering situations we are unfamiliar with. It could be meeting people for the first time or when anticipating...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Nov 1st, 2017
How to overcome Anxiety and fear; beating them naturally

When things go wrong it is only natural to absolve ourselves of wrongdoing and blame others. But what if you played a role in creating the acrimonious situation?   It is not easy to admit our wrongdoing in a situation. However, recognizing...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Oct 21st, 2017
5 Effective Strategies on how to Beat Procrastination

You have an important assignment and the deadline is sufficiently a few days away. You badly want to get started on it but keep putting it off for less significant pastimes.  You keep doing this until the deadline draws dangerously close. It...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Oct 17th, 2017
5 Effective Anger Management Strategies

Anger is a perfectly healthy emotion through which express displeasure or protest over things we do not agree with. However, if not expressed in a healthy manner, anger can be a destructive force that will not only drain you but may also lead...

By Edwin Nyakang'i on Sep 18th, 2017