“Pain is temporary but winning is forever” tells Wangeci Waweru: Inspiring story

This is a story of Wangeci Waweru  21- year old rapper who escaped a terrible road accident that claimed the life of her best friend. The story was first shared on Strathmore University  Student Spotlight


I am the last born in a family of 2 children.  I joined Strathmore University to study Financial Economics under the School of Finance and Applied Economics (SFAE). I am currently in my final semester, and looking forward to finishing school.

Late last year i was involved in a terrible  road accident.  The accident happened on 14th July, 2014, all I remember is one minute we were driving around with my best friend and the next minute am waking up on a hospital bed in pain. I had several injuries; my left arm was broken, the safety belt cut my inner intestines, my lungs were also pierced. I had internal bleeding and a puncture to the head.


The puncture to my head gave me a memory loss; I would live a day and forget everything the next day. But with time I started recognizing things around me and I soon felt I needed to leave the hospital immediately. I developed a fight spirit which caused me to want to be self-dependent and avoid being dependent on everyone around me. I also heavily desired to walk again which meant that I would push myself a lot during physiotherapy.

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In hospital I knew nothing about her death because no one talked about it, I suppose to ensure I did not give up on life. I however felt offended that Tiona did not come to visit me in hospital. A month later when I got home from the hospital, my mum broke the news about her death and the news really shuttered me. However, I think I haven’t fully dealt with it till now, but I am slowly finding my peace with it. I like replaying the memories that we had because it makes the healing process much easier.

Wangeci Waweru  was featured on CNN Inside Africa by Zain Verjee last month for upcoming talent in Africa. Taking part in Coke Studio and the Peace One Day initiative this year was also an achievement for  her. “I was surrounded by great talents like Ne-Yo and renown musicians from Africa like Ice Prince, so I had an obligation to meet the high expectations, being in the presence of such big talent. It was a success as my performance was eventually the most memorable which impressed people that I look up to.”


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