Somewhere in some village a lady is going through the most painful moment in her life. She has been abandoned by her boy after being impregnated. Loneliness and hopeless is at peak.

Somewhere in some city a boy is going through the most painful moment in his life. His girl who he raised from nowhere to somewhere has abandoned him because he is broke. Suicide remains the only option for him.

Somewhere in some school a student is going through the most stressful moment in her life. She is too broke. Her parents can no more meet her expenses. The only option for survival to her is prostitution.

Somewhere in some hospital a boy is going through the most painful cancer moments in his life. Every waking morning for her is hurting. He cannot walk nor talk. Friends have abandoned him. The only person who can bare his condition is his aging mother.

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Life is full challenges, challenges sometimes that require the strongest heart to survive. But today we’ve some motivational message which we have combined that can assist in your overcoming the life challenges that you are going through;

8 Motivational messages that will assist you in overcoming life challenges

motivational quote

motivational messages

motivational quote

inspiring quotes


motivational quote


broken hearts quotes


motivational quote


motivational quote kenya

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