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Young entrepreneur focus of the week is Keith Korir the Co-founder of the first Africa made antivirus: Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware

Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware: Every Friday we feature young entrepreneur of the week in Kenya. In our young entrepreneur of the week today we are focusing on  a rising programmer from Baringo County, Keith Korir.
Keith Korir is the co-founder and developer at Bunifu Technologies.  His team members include Wilberforce Seguton, Kimutai Kipngetich, Amos Chepchieng, Solomon Komen, Emmanuel Yatich, Winston Chemjor, and Elisha Kiptukyo.Keith Korir studied electrical engineering at the university of Nairobi.

What is Bunifu Technologies ?

Bunifu Technologies is an industry innovation leader founded in the year 2011 .  It is a nexus of engineering and programming and since inception the group has  developed more than 30 products ranging from mobile, desktop, web and engineering solutions and tools.

Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware
Bunifu Technologies is behind the first Antivirus solution  to be developed in Africa called Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware. It is also the first Kenyan and African developed Anti-Malware product. It has been designed and developed by skilled and experienced Kenyan programmers and engineers.

Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware 2014 was introduced to the market on 16th May 2014 in a colorful ceremony at KSG- Baringo. Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware is an ideal product for consumers and businesses who desire strong protection against viruses, trojans, scare ware, and other malicious software. The mobile version of Bunifu Sniper Anti-Malware for Android is currently under development for end to end protection of a consumer’s computer and mobile device.

The aim of Bunifu Technologies  is to fill the cyber and information security gap in the African market.

To purchase any of their product visit http://bunifu.co.ke/ or contact  +254 728 401 558+254 729 009 764info@bunifu.co.ke


(Post published August 2015 and Updated March 22nd 2016 to repair broken links)

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