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How to use Worldcoin in Kenya (Buying and Selling)



Worldcoin, a platform used to create a unique digital identity by scanning your iris with an orb camera is now available in Kenya. Creating an account with the Worldcoin app gives you access to the Worldcoin wallet used for cryptocurrency buying and selling. 

Caution!: On August 2, 2023, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki issued a notice suspending the use of WorldCoin in Kenya. Therefore, it is not advisable to continue using WorldCoin in Kenya until such suspension is lifted.

How to use WorldCoin in Kenya

To register WorldCoin account in Kenya, follow the procedure below;

  • Download the Worldcoin Android or iOS app.
  • Create an account (you can skip creating an account but you will lose your coins if you change your device or delete the app).
  • Click the “Begin Orb verification” button to generate a QR code
  • Visit a verification location or station in your area to have an Orb device scan your Iris and verify your identity
  • The Orb device operator will scan the QR Code that is displayed on your screen and connect your account  to Worldcoin
  • Your WorldCoin ID will be created and you will be given access to the Worldcoin app

To use the Worldcoin app and wallet, you must be 18 years and above. Your personal information like your national ID, phone number, and email are not mandatory requirements to register.

Verifying Worldcoin identity in Nairobi

You can verify your Worldcoin identity for free in Kenya by visiting verification stations in Sarit Centre Nairobi, Quickmart Fedha, The Nextgen Mall, Greenspan Mall, Garden City, Quickmart Kilimani, etc (Find your nearest Orb).

The Orbs devices will be used to verify your biometrics (eye iris) to ensure that you are a real person. Thereafter, you will be issued with a World ID. It is important to note that once your iris has been scanned and ID created, that IRIS image is automatically deleted from the network.

In the initial stages of launch, Worldcoin awards tokens through the Worldcoin app to anyone who has verified their identity. This reward program may not be available in the future.

Merchants or businesses that onboard people to WorldCoin are also compensated with cryptocurrencies.  

Buying, Selling, and Withdrawing via Mpesa

To withdraw your Worldcoins to Mpesa, you first need to sell your crypto in dollars. Then click the dollars menu in your wallet, proceed to Withdraw tab then Withdraw to Mpesa, enter the amount in dollars to withdraw, select mpesa agent, and withdraw.

To buy Crypto, click the deposit tab and deposit money into your account. Then click the Buy Crypto button to buy Ethereum, bitcoins, etc.

Account Problems

There have been complaints of people who have been unable to login back to their account after logging. The best thing to do if you are unable to withdraw your deposit, recover, or migrate your account is to contact the Orb Operator who onboarded you.

As WorldCoin is a new technology, there are likely to be several problems that need to be resolved. We will share updates in subsequent posts, aiming to address the issues.

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  1. Abraham Mongina Avatar
    Abraham Mongina

    I can’t access my account verified 2021

  2. cherryl Avatar

    Any verification center at Eldoret?

  3. Stacy Avatar

    How can i retrieve my account after i mistakenly uninstalled the app

    1. phanuel kitere Avatar
      phanuel kitere

      Did you get help Stac

  4. Fred Avatar

    Any orb agent in nakuru town??

  5. Dorothy Mumbi Avatar
    Dorothy Mumbi

    How do I log into my account? I forgot my password

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    nzomo musyimi

    I can’t migrate

  7. Getrude Avatar

    I can help you withdraw…it’s easy

  8. Prince Avatar

    Can i create an account and share the qr code to someone else to visit the nearest mall .currently in North eastern

  9. Fredrick Njoroge Avatar
    Fredrick Njoroge

    I wonder how much in tokens people are getting to persevere all the long lines😂

  10. Jonathan Avatar

    how can I withdraw from world Coin as I already have 60$ but I am un able to withdraw to my Mpesa. how do I go about it .
    Kindly reach me on +25471***9026 Jonathan

    1. Getrude Avatar

      I can help you withdraw…it’s easy

  11. Damaris Avatar

    I need you to reset my password

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