Teachers REJECT UNIONS rallying call is gaining momentum: KNUT, KUPPET in decline

A conversation has been going on over the past days of whether Teachers should reject unions like KUPPET, KNUT e.t.c and be union less or be in unions. In this article we will look at the teachers concerns, why they want to reject unions and the likely consequences thereafter.

Teachers reject union deduction from knut and kuppet
Teachers are rejecting union deduction from knut and kuppet/Photo Source

To be Union or Union less?

In a Facebook group post, one member asked whether teachers would want to be union or union less. The response was as follows; out of 133 teachers who responded by the time of posting this article, 124 said they want to be union less while 9 said they want to be in unions.  That is about 93% for union-free and 7% to be in unions.

The discussion of whether teachers should reject unions or not took on momentum from the time KEWOTA started its unwarranted deductions. We are therefore not sure whether this was a move organized by KEWOTA and TSC to push teachers into the corner to leave unions or not.

How Much Does it Cost to be in a Teachers Union in Kenya

KNUT constitution says that union members shall pays a rate of two percent (2%) of the basic salary of every member monthly provided that it shall not exceed ksh. 1,200  per month.

Our estimation indicates that every year, over ksh. 1.8 billion is submitted to teachers unions in Kenya from teachers deductions.

Why are teachers Rejecting Unions?

We will be highlighting some of the reasons as mentioned by teachers as to why they want to quit unions. However, one reason that stands out among the many complaints that we have observed is that teachers mostly in lower job groups think that Unions do no serve their interest.

 They are of the view that Unions are doing more good for teachers in higher job groups (M+) at the expense of their salary deductions.

Reasons Why Teachers Want to Reject Union Deductions

Some of the reasons include;

  • Teachers in lower job groups feel that the recently negotiated CBA only favors teachers in higher jobs groups (Administrators)
  • Unions like KUPPET and KNUT have failed to address the issue of AON-minet and NHIF.
  • Teachers stagnate in the same job group without promotion for decades an issue which their unions have failed to address.
  • Most teachers are paying for CBA deductions which only benefits those in higher job groups like Principals and Deputies

Consequences of rejecting Unions

Every decision you make in life has its own consequences. Some of the likely consequences of being union less include;

  • There is no hope for job promotion. They will be no one to fight for job promotions. Everyone will be on his/her own.
  • If you are dismissed by TSC illegally, you will have to defend yourself in court. There will be no one to stand with you. No solidarity forever.
  • TSC is more likely to become a rogue body, now that there will be no unions to threaten it with strikes.
  • You will still pay agency fees

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