neaims portal portal for foreign and local vacancies application is now live



The minister of labour has launched the National Employment Authority Integrated Management SYSTEM (neaims) portal that seeks to make it easy for youth to apply for jobs in Kenya and foreign countries.

How to apply for jobs on Neaims portal

To use the neaims portal, follow the procedure below

  • Visit Neaims website:
  • Click for the jobs you are interested in (local or foreign)
  • Click the apply link
  • Create account
  • login and apply for jobs

Currently, thousands of foreign jobs are available for application in the position of housemaid, house driver, security guard, general cleaner, home nurse, caregiver, and kitchen steward.

Most foreign jobs posted on Neaims portal have a contract period of between 1 and 2 years and require the applicant to be between 21 and 31 years old. Such jobs do not have any requirements when it comes to education qualifications.

The Neaims website is also meant to be used by the government to gather data that will be used to make workforce decisions.

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