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Nathaniel Akadimas hidden game plan that propelled Jared Mogire to victory



By Ambani Enos (Mwalimu)
Akadima will forever remain on the lips of many for the role he played in the 2015 MUSO elections.Not because he helped aspirants to campaign but because he dared himself and did what most comrades fear, taking the bull by its horns.
How he the game was played: A MEETING IN THE DARK
Just like other campuses,Moi university elections had the reflection of the national politics with Jubilee and Cord blocks playing centre stage. On the eve of the elections,one block met in one of the girls’ hostels with some of the election officials with the agenda of the meeting only known to them.It is suspected that most of the attendees were students from the locality who’d wanted to rig votes since they had smelt defeat.In the meeting also were  former MUSO officials.
With a tip from some concerned comrades, Akadima planned an ambush that made some of the attendees jump out of the windows from the 2nd floor as no one wanted to be identified.
Akadima also stood with Jared Mogire who many perceived as a weak candidate. He used  his power to reach out influential students in the university who  endorsed Jared Mogire adding to his victory.
Paid the price
Akadima however had to pay the price for his alleged shop and that of his friends which was burnt down the same night. But when contacted, a jovial Akadima said,
The shops mean nothing to me. At long last democracy prevailed and the best candidates won.”
Looking at the MUSO 2015 elections from a two point national perspective. ‘Cord’ clinched 9 out of the 11 elective posts.
(Nathaniel Akadima served as the Sec Gen of Moi University student Organization 2013/2014 (MUSO) and he is among the founders of National Universities Students Organization-NUSO)
Kenyayote guest writer Ambani Enos ( Mwalimu) is an actor.

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