Social Media Psychological Influences on Purchase Decisions that advertisers nee to know

Marketing on Social Media: Best Practices for Optimal Engagement



Marketing on Social Media strategy: At this point companies are no longer in denial that social media is powerful tool that can make or break a business.

Clients, even those with basic tech knowledge, have at least two social media accounts where they interact with friends and get news updates.

Social Media Psychological Influences on Purchase Decisions that advertisers nee to know
Social media marketing strategy

This necessitates any serious business to have a presence on social media platforms for easy interaction with existing and prospective clients.

While having a presence on social media is a step in the right direction, it does not end there. There are practices that will ensure optimal engagement. Let’s look at some.

  • Communicate promptly

A dormant social media account is no different with a brick and mortar store with ever closed doors. A dissatisfied client can easily poison the whole chalice if his/her complaints are not addressed promptly.

Prompt customer service will ensure a situation is taken under control before it escalates.

  • Good Customer Service

While being prompt is key in keeping clients engaged with good relations goes a long way in retaining the client.

Online customer care representatives should respond to clients’ inquiries courteously and resolve complaints amicably.

Some clients might be downright rude but the customer care rep should act with restraint because a heated exchange will do the company more harm than good.

  • Gather and Use Feedback

Pay attention to clients posts on social media. These posts may contain useful information on what does or does not please customers.

The company can then use such information to make improvements on its products and/or services.

  • Expand Your Network

For maximum reach, a company should not limit its presence to just Facebook and/or Twitter.

Existing and prospective clients are spread across multiple platforms and to reach them a company needs to be as on many platforms as possible.


Social media has limitless opportunities, if only they are harnessed right. Covering these basics will help a company create and maintain a powerful social media presence.

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