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List of Recognized Programmes offered in Maasai Mara University



Find a below a list of recognized programmes offered in Maasai Mara University as of March 2014. If your course is not in this list then it might have been recognized after March 2014.

1. Bachelor of Science (Agri Biotechnology)

2.   Bachelor of Science (Forestry)

3.   Bachelor of Arts (Community Development)

4.   Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies)

5.   Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

6.   Bachelor of Arts (Psychology

7.   Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration)

8.   Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

9.   Bachelor of Arts(Social Work)

10. Bachelor of Business Management

11. Bachelor of Communication & Journalism

12. Bachelor of Communication & Public Relations.

13. Bachelor of Education (Arts)

14. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & PE)

15. Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling)

16. Bachelor of Education (Science)

17. Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

18. Bachelor of Hotels and Hospitality Management.

19. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics& Resource


20. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics With Computing)

21. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

22. Bachelor of Science (General )

23. Bachelor of Science (Human Resource Mngt.)

24. Bachelor of Science (Information Science)

25. Bachelor of Science(Environmental Studies)

26. Bachelor of Science(Wildlife Man agement)

27. Bachelor of Tourism Management

28. Bachelor of Tours and Travel Management

29. Master of Arts (Kiswahili)

30. Master of Business Management

31. Master of Education ( Executive) in Leadership & Policy Studies

32. Master of Education (Curriculum, Instruction and Media)

33. Master of Education (Educational Administration)

34. Master of Education (Special Needs Education)

35. Master of Education(Early Childhood Development)

36. Master of Education(Educational Administration)

37. Master of Education(Educational Psychology)

38. Master of Education(Guidance &Counseling )

39. Master of Education(Philosophy of Education)

40. Master of Philosophy (Human Resource Management)

41. Master of Science (Environmental Science)

42. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum Development

43. Doctor of Philosophy in   Educational Psychology

44. Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration

45. Doctor of Philosophy inLiterature

This information has been adapted from the COMMISSION FOR UNIVERSITY EDUCATION official website

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