List of hospitals and Clinics Closed the ministry of education in kenya

List of 811 Hospitals and Clinic Closed by Government Health Ministry



Below is a list of of 811 hospitals and private clinics closed by the Government of Kenya Health Ministry in various counties for compliance reasons. Most of the closed hospitals and clinic are from Nairobi, Kisii, Kisumu, Mombasa and Meru County

Reason for Closure of Health Facilities (notice)

List of hospitals and Clinics Closed the ministry of education in kenya
Update on hospitals and Clinics Closed by the ministry of education in Kenya/Photo Source

The Ministry of Health through the office of the director general released a notice dated October 8th 2019 which was sent to all 47 county executive committee members of health.

In the notice, the ministry of health indicated that the hospitals were closed because they did not meet the minimum set standards of infrastructure and health personnel requirement as stipulated in Section 25 (1) of the Health Act.

List of Clinics and hospitals Closed in different counties in Kenya

Below is the list of closed Clinics and hospitals Nairobi County. The complete list with other counties is attached:

  • AAR Mountain Mall
  • Adolife Health Solutions
  • Affinax Dental Care
  • Aga Khan University Hospital (Jewel Plaza)
  • Airport Medical Services
  • Alfha Health Centre
  • Amber Medical Clinic
  • Bodaki Medical Clinic
  • By Grace Medical Clinic
  • C.O.S.I Satellite clinic
  • Central Medical Services
  • Dawaline Healthcare ltd
  • Dymac Medical Clinic
  • Elite Dental Clinic Lavington
  • Family Dentistry
  • Family Hospital Nairobi
  • Gecoa Medical Labs and Clinic Dental services
  • Hands of Immaculate Hospital
  • Havard Dental Clinic
  • Heer Health care
  • Josmar Dental Clinic
  • Just Meno LTD
  • Labnet Dental Centre
  • Lens Medical Clinic
  • Life Care Medical Centre
  • Lifespring Medical Centre
  • Linda Afya Medical Clinic
  • Lixx Outpatient
  • Macs Medical Centre
  • Mariakani Cottage Hospital Utawala
  • Millan Health International

Download full list (Go to number 13 of ): Closed Hospitals and Clinics

NOTE: For the closed clinics and hospitals to be reopened, they have to meet the said standards and apply for re-inspection.

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