Update on How to Verify KCSE, KCPE 2019 Examinations Registration details using SMS code

KNEC: How to confirm KCSE, KCPE 2024 Exam Registration via SMS code



Here is a guide on how to confirm KNEC KCSE and KCPE 2024 Exam registration details using Safaricom, Airtel sms Code and the deadline for verification.

Dates for Verification of Registration Details

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) would like to notify all parents/guardians and candidates that verification of the 2024 KCPE and KCSE registration details is ongoing.

How to confirm KCPE and KCSE 2024 Registration via sms Code

To confirm KCSE 2024 Registration send the candidates index number and exam code to 20076 (For example; 37713101108 KCSE)

On the other hand, to verify KCPE 2024 Registration send the candidates index number and exam to sms code 20076 (For example: 37713101108 KCPE)

NOTE: Leave a space between the index number.

Error or Problem in registration details

If there are any anomalies with your registration details kindly contact your Headteacher or Principal of the School immediately before the deadline for correction of the details provided above

KCSE and KCSE 2024 Timetables

Download KCSE and KCSE 2024 Timetable follow the links below;

  • KCSE 2024 Timetable
  • KCPE 2024 Timetable

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4 responses

  1. Christine Avatar

    Have been stop from registering at Rongo sub-county at DC office that am let for adult registration, what can I do??

  2. benedict musyoki Avatar
    benedict musyoki

    I cant find my sons verification.

  3. Manasse kamau Nga nga Avatar
    Manasse kamau Nga nga

    its my son registration. When i send message they ask to try again. And i can’t find anything. What’s wrong?

  4. jumah Avatar

    what’s wrong with this year’s registration. we provided the birth certificate details and all other details were availed. on verifying registration status I got very strange names and other information not related to my daughter. whats the matter.

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