Junior Secondary School salary delays

Junior Secondary School payment delayed for four months

Junior secondary school (JSS) teachers are facing financial difficulties after failing to receive their salaries for now over 4 months. The teachers have asked the Teachers Service Commission to release their salaries to enable them to perform their functions effectively. Over 17,800 teachers have been affected by the delays in payment.

Teachers unions KNUT and KUPPET say that the teacher JSS teachers who were recruited in January 2023 have not received salaries since they were hired. This translates to four months of teaching without pay.

One of the teachers who expressed frustrations over the lack of payment noted the government is crippling the education system.

Not only have JSS teacher missed their salaries but KNEC invigilators and examiners have not been paid as of the date of publishing this post.

TSC or the Ministry of Education has not issued any statement on the matter.

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