HEF Loan and Scholarship application requirement

Who can apply for HEF Loan and Scholarship (explained)



If you are joining a University, College, or TVET in Kenya, you can apply for government funding via the HEF portal. There are two government funding options, scholarships, and loans. Some students can apply for both options and others loans only.

HEF Scholarship

To apply for HEF scholarships, you are not required to have a national ID. However, you must have done KCSE in 2022 going forward and were placed by KUCCPS to pursue a degree course in a public University. For TVET applications, you can apply even if you did your KCSE exams before 2022 but must have been placed by KUCCPS.

HEF Loan

To apply for HEF loan, you must have a national ID. You can apply for HEF loan even if you were not placed by KUCCPS. Loan application is open to students joining any public or private university in Kenya and those joining approved TVET institutions.

If you qualify for Loan and Scholarship, you can apply for both.

To submit your application, visit the HEF portal through the website: https://portal.hef.co.ke.

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