Best Holiday Destinations in Malindi County: Tourist sites

Malindi is a beautiful county found in the coastal region of Kenya. The fact that it borders Indian ocean and has plenty of wildlife makes it have plenty of favorable destinations for you to visit this December holiday.

Best Holiday Destinations in Malindi County, Tourist sites

Best Holiday Destinations in Malindi County, Tourist sites/Photo

  1. Malindi Marine National Park

This park mainly harbors marine life. You will find the likes of whale sharks, green turtles and moorish idols here. Events such as boat riding, diving and even snorkeling lessons are also available.

While in the park you also get to have a pretty nice view of the Indian ocean. It is an awesome place to visit with family and children. 

  1. The Crocodile Farm

Ever wanted to learn about crocodiles’ lives? At the crocodile farm you get to see these creatures, big and small; how they feed and spend the better part of their days. There they will also tell you about their cycles and more interesting things abour crocodiles’ lives. You may be fortunate to see their eggs. The farm also harbors turtles and other kinds of slithering creatures.

  1. The beach

Malindi borders the Indian Ocean. The beach is always beautiful, interesting with lots of activities available to engage in. Some of these are sunbathing, boat riding and swimming.

  1. Beachside Resorts

There are plenty of resorts in Malindi which offer spacious accommodation. After a whole day of fun, visiting and touring places, these resorts will provide you all you need as far as comfort is concerned. Talk of local food or any other kinds you need, swimming pools, beautiful sleeping places, name them.

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Visiting Malindi will give you a once-in-a lifetime experience. It’s just amazing.

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