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5 richest public Universities in Kenya



Below are statistics showing the 5 richest universities in Kenya in 2015, ranked by a calculation of the number of students that the university has multiplied by an average fee paid by each student. The average fee was arrived at by combining the general highest paid fee by students in all public universities plus the lowest average paid fee by students in all public universities in Kenya and then dividing the sum by half. The fee considered involves that of private sponsored students and JAB students in public universities.

We relied on our 2014 student population statistics which indicated that  University of Nairobi had a student population of about 62,000; Kenyatta University student population of over 42,000; Moi University student population of about 35, 723; Jomo Kenyatta University Student Population of Over 23,000; and Egerton University student population-Over 15,000. Note that the number might have changed by 2015. Therefore, we admit that the statistics might not be 100% accurate but they are worthy it.

Top 5 richest universities in kenya
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While conducting the analysis we noted with concern that most universities have not updated their 2015 student population for what might be viewed as a mischievous act that propagates theft. Despite all the above named challenges, University of Nairobi emerged to be the richest public university in Kenya which explains it has better learning facilities compared to other public universities in Kenya.

Below are the top 10 richest public universities in Kenya

  1. University of Nairobi-ksh. (data removed, to be updated)
  2. Kenyatta University-ksh. (data removed, to be updated)
  3. Moi University-ksh. (data removed, to be updated)
  4. Jomo Kenyatta University-ksh. (data removed, to be updated)
  5. Egerton University –ksh. (data removed, to be updated)

Note: we did not take into consideration of University assets and fee raised through other means like university businesses, accommodation fee, sponsorships among others. This means that the universities named above and others are richer than the indicated statistics. Our overage fee of calculation was ksh. 50,000 considering the facts we have mentioned above

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