Why Many Students Leave Church When They Graduate From High School to Campus

They were raised in church. They were leaders of the youth groups at home. They were team leaders in the praise and worship band. And then one semester after joining campus church becomes a vocabulary.


Most of my friends in campus were raised in a very typical Christian family. In their first weeks in campus, they were active members of the church, attending conference and church camps. But their attendance began to slow down as days passed. After the first semester had elapsed almost all of them left church never to return. What happens?


After spending lots of time conversing with such friends here is what I got from them. This post is not meant to talk about the negative side of going to church but contains observations I drew out of the conversations.


Students get smarter

After acquring knowledge from their lectueres, students become smarter and enlightened and thus begin demanding for justification in everything they do.The pastors on the other hand seem not to understand the difference between justification and sanctification. As they preach, they do not justify to students as to why they should attend church services but they force them to believe that one should attend church services.

Subjective faith

Subjective faith in this case implies arbitrary and unreliable knowledge.When they were in high school, their pastors did not teach them about the fundamentals of faith. They only taught them to “Love Jesus” and “be obedient.” So when they got into campus they realized that they can be obedient and love Jesus even without going to church.

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Peer pressure

Lastly is the issue of peer pressure. When high school graduates join campus they realize that 50% of their friends don’t go to church. So because they lack self principles to guide them, they emulate what their friends do to fit in their group.

Folks, who are reading or who have read this post I want again to make it clear that I am not preaching against going to church but I am talking about the observations I made.

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