Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) West Pokot County and Sub County Secondary schools: High schools

West Pokot County and sub county secondary schools
West Pokot County and sub county secondary schools/Photo

All West Pokot County Secondary schools

24505106 Kamito Boys’ Secondary School Boys
24505201 St. Cecilia Girls Sec School-chepareria Girls
24505202 Chepkorniswo Boys’ Secondary School Boys
24505204 Propoi Girls Secondary School Girls
24505205 St. Mary’s of Mercy Pserum Girls Sec School Girls
24505206 St. Stephen Laikong Girls Secondary School Girls
24505207 St. Augustine Chepkopegh Boys’ Secondary School
24505301 Elck Riwo Sec School Mixed
24505302 Karenger Boys Secondary School Boys
24505303 Holy Trinity Girl’s Sec – Serewo Girls
24505305 Kanyarkwat Girls Secondary School Girls
24505306 Kalemunyang Yunhap Secondary School Mixed
24505401 Sook Boys Sec Sch Boys
24505402 St. Catherine Chepnyal Girls Sec School Girls
24530101 Holy Cross Boys Secondary School – Kacheliba Boys

24530102 Konyao Secondary Mixed
24530201 St. Comboni Amakuriat Secondary School Boys
24530202 Alale Girls’ Sec Girls
24530203 St. Annes’ Girls’ Sec Girls
24530301 Kasei Boys Secondary School Boys
24531101 Weiwei Secondary School Boys
24531102 Fr. Leo Staples Girls Secondary School Girls
24531103 Canon Price Secondary School Tamkal Mixed
24531105 Elck Sekerr Mixed Secondary School Mixed
24531201 Elck-chesta Girls Sec School Girls
24531202 Cheptulel Boys Secondary School Boys
24531203 Lomut Mixed Secondary School Mixed
24531205 St. Mary’s Cheptulel Girls Secondary School Girls
24531302 Holy Rosary Girls High School Girls
24531304 St. Elizabeth Girls Secondary School Morpus Girls
24568101 St. Eliza’s Kabichbichgirls Secondary School Girls
24568102 St. Daniel Comboni Kaptabuk Boys Sec. School Boys
24568201 E L C K Chepkalit Mixed School Mixed
All West Pokot Sub County Secondary schools


24505105 Talau Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505107 Meshack Tumkou Mixed Secondary School Mixed
24505108 St. Mary’s Siyoi Mixed Secondary School Mixed
24505111 Karas Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505112 Kaibos Day Mixed Sec Mixed
24505113 Keringet Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505114 Mnagei Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505115 Elck Emboasis Secondary School Mixed
24505116 Chemwochoi Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505117 St. Francis Secondary School for the Visually

24505203 Chepareria Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24505208 Christ the King Secondary School-senetwo Mixed
24505304 Our Lady of Peace Pser Mixed
24505403 All Saints Tamugh Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24531104 Paroo Secondary Day Mixed
24531107 Sigor Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24531204 Elck Annet Mixed Secondary School Mixed
24531303 Parua Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary

24531305 Sebit Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary School Mixed
24531306 St Peters Kapchemogen Secondary School Mixed
24568103 St.stephen’s Chepkono Secondary School Mixed
24568104 Kapsangar Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24568105 St. Mulumba Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24568106 Kapsait Mixed Day School Mixed
24568107 St. Mourice Mokoyon Mixed Day Secondary
24568108 St. Paul Kapkunyuk Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24568202 St. Anthony of Padua Sina Secondary School Mixed
24568203 Tapach Mixed Day Secondary School Mixed
24953001 North Pokot Private Mixed

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