Work place relationships can be very tricky especially when it comes to hierarchical form of leadership,where everyone feels refrained within their own circle.This could really affect productivity if open communication is not stressed. But then, for open communication to take place, individuals have to be free with each other ranks not withstanding.Team building is one of the channels that can be used to bring the two teams together or even closer.

How to use team building activities to strengthen employee-employer relationships at
How to use team building activities to strengthen employee-employer relationships at/Photo


Allow yourself to be lead


It’s enough that you are a senior at the work place,give your employees a chance to showcase their leadership skills in the field. Lay back and watch how they handle situations facing them and see how others members of the team respond.From there, you can try to see how you could adjust your work place leadership to be more accommodating.

Be approachable

TaUse the opportunity of being in an informal setting with your team to welcome casual talks. Mingle freely and join them at their free time discussions. It might feel awkward in the beginning but you will all get accustomed to it with time.However you must not push. Everything will happen at their own timing and they will eventually get used to your resence and open up. Take the light jokes seriously.It might be their way of speaking.

Have fun

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Remember the other purpose of team building activities is to have fun. So easen up and enjoy. Be yourself.Do not try ti fake it, because others will realize it and hold back.It's easier to genuinely intaract when not pretending. That way you will open yourself to understanding your staff snd they will understand your take as well.

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