University of Nairobi Cubesats satellite ready for Space Launch

Ksh 120 million University of Nairobi Cubesats satellite ready for takeoff to space

University of Nairobi Cubesats satellite to be deployed to space/Photo

University of Nairobi’s Ksh. 120 million CubeSats satellite is ready for space launch. According to UON Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter Mbithi the Nanosatellite that was developed by University of Nairobi engineers  in partnership with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is ready for deployment by May 2018.



What is a  CubeSats Satellite


A CubeSats are small satellites that are used in low Earth orbit for activities such as remote sensing or communications. It is 10-centimeter cube (10cm by 10cm by 10 cm) and weighs 1.33 kilograms. CubeSats last a few months on space and fall back to earth (Learn more on NASA Page).



Summary of University of Nairobi Cubesats satellite mission

  • Mission Code Name: 1 KUNS-PF (1KUNS-PF)
  • U/Mass: 1 U
  • Launch: May 2018
  • Orbit: ISS
  • Mission Type: Space Technology
  • Mission Description: Educational project with satellite technology. Will be used for Earth observational and technological tests
  • Mission Partners: University of Rome (Italian Space Agency)


University of Nairobi  handing over its Cubesat satellite to JAXA

University of Nairobi Engineers handing over its Cubesat satellite to JAXA/Photo

How the UON CubeSats satellite will be deployed

The Cubesat satellite will be first loaded into a spacecraft that heads to space. It will then be deployed after spacecraft separation.

University of University will deploy its satellite using the ISS CubeSat Deployment.


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