Edwin Tarno the principal of the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute, Eldoret and chairman of Kenya Technical Training Institutions has said that universities offering diploma courses are in violation of universities act of 2014.

Edwin Tarno, universities in kenya should stop offering Diploma and certificate Courses
Edwin Tarno: Universities in Kenya should stop offering Diploma and certificate Courses/Photo Source


The Universities act of 2014 demands that universities should not offer courses that are supposed to be taught at technical colleges.


While speaking in an ongoing conference for Technical Training Institutions, Tarno indicated that universities are offering diploma courses for only two years while Technical Training Institutions offer the same courses for three years. This means that universities rush to graduate diploma students without proper training.

Edwin also accused universities of denying diploma graduates a chance to transition to universities.

CUE Directive

The Commission for university education (CUE) boss had in the beginning of 2017 directed all universities to stop offering diploma and certificate courses by July 2017 and concentrate on offering degree courses.

Universities however moved to court to dispute the directive.

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