One thing that defines Kenyans is their thirst to try out new things and keeping up with trending lifestyles. Therefore when it comes to hairstyles, the creativity is way out of this world. So if you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you might want to try some of these hairstyles and see what works best for you. The secret however is to find a good stylist.



Natural hairstyles


This has really gained popularity in the recent times. People are really embracing it and rocking in the streets. This is so because it’s more affordable as compared to braids or weaves. However if you really want to embrace this hairstyle and look good, you have to invest in really good natural hair products. The good thing with this type of hairstyle is the fact that you can play around with your look as much as you want.


Dreadlocks hairstyles


Quite a huge number of Kenyans are now rocking dreads. The good thing about this style is the fact that it suits both men and women. It is now common to see people wearing different styles of dreadlocks. From artists to public celebrities, the hairstyle is not about to disappear anytime soon. Whether long or short, dreadlocks are simply amazing.


Weave hairstyles

Even with the much criticism that have been said about this type of hairstyle, Kenyan ladies still invest quite a huge number of money on weaves. They come in various sizes, texture and colors hence giving you a variety of options to select from. Synthetic weaves are the cheapest while human hair weaves are the most expensive.

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Braided hairstyles


African women have been known for the love of hair braiding from way back in history. Braids work well with African hair and Kenyan women are not left behind on this. From simple braids to much complex styles, braided hair comes out beautifully.

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