The global teachers price announces the top 10 best teachers in the world finalist, 2016.  The winner will be awarded  1 million US dollars (About 100 million Kenyan shillings)




The Global Teacher Prize is an annual one million dollar award from the Varkey Foundation to be given to a super special teacher. The winner of the award is voted by the Global Teacher Prize Academy (GTP), from a shortlist of 10 candidates selected by the GTP Prize Committee.


The Top 10 candidates selected by the Prize Committee were subject to a vote by the Global Teacher Prize Academy (the Academy). All Academy members are prominent figures in their respective fields from around the world. Academy members include head teachers, education experts, sector commentators, journalists, public officials, technology entrepreneurs, company directors and scientists

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How did Kenya’s Ayub Mohamud get to the list of the top 10 best teachers?



Ayub teaches business studies in Nairobi. He has been fighting the spectres of radicalisation and violent extremism by creating a network of like-minded teachers and formulating new strategies for combatting extremism. Below is a video to Ayub Mohamud’s religious teachings;


List of top 10 best teachers in the world finalists

top teachers globaly
Top 10 finalists
  1. Ayub Mohamud-Kenya
  2. Aqeela Asifi –Pakisatn
  3. Colin Hegarty-United Kingdom
  4. Hanan Al Hroub –Palestine
  5. Joe Fatheree –USA
  6. Kazuya Takahashi-Japan
  7. Maarit Rossi –Finland
  8. Michael Soskil-USA
  9. Richard Johnson –Ustralia
  10. Robin Chaurasiya-India



Resources and photos obtained from and compiled by Elvis.

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