Tabaka soapstone mining, Kisii: A tour guide and where to buy soapstone carvings

By Elvis Nyakreal →  Updated January 30th, 2016
Tabaka soapstone mining, Kisii: A tour guide and where  to buy soapstone carvings

Tabaka soapstone mining, Kisii: A tour guide and where  to buy soapstone carvings at an affordable price.

Tabaka Soapstone, Kisii

Photo: Tabaka Soapstone mining, Kisii

Tabaka is the main source of soapstone in Kenya. Smolart and Afrikiko are among the groups that enjoy a great share of the revenues that are generated from the business. Tabaka is located about 24 Kilometre from Kisii town. One of the most known organizations in Tabaka is Tabaka mission hospital.



Soapstone carving has been the main pillar of Tabaka’s economy for generations.  It has created employment for hundreds of young people in Tabaka.   One of the co-operative that was created to process the soapstone is Kisii soapstone co-operative which later collapsed.


A guide to getting to Tabaka, Kisii

If you are in Nairobi go to Afya Center (its a famous place for the firs time visitors in Nairobi). While at Afya center you will see a petrol station. Close to the petrol station are Transline Classic vehicles which operate from Nairobi to Kisii.

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Buy your traveling ticket ar ksh. 800. It takes about 6 hours to travel by road from Nairobi to Kisii. On your way to Kisii you will pass Narok town. Naroko is the closes town to maasai mara game park. Its is also the center point from Nairobi to Kisii. That is where you will make a stop over of about 15 minutes for lunch or supper depending on the time you are traveling before proceeding to Kisii. I encourage you to order for  Nyama Choma at this place. It goes for ksh. 150 and you won’t regret.

If you arrive at kisii town  late and you need to spend you night there i encourage you to go to Ufanisi resort. Their service and  food is the best around.
From Kisii town take a taxi to Tabaka. It will cost about ksh. 1,500. Its a distance of about 50 minutes. There you are!

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Photos of Tabaka Soapstone Carvings

Below are just but a sample of the soapstone carvings available in Tabaka, Kisii. For more photos of the carvings kindly contact +254720680341

elephant carvings tabaka

elephant carvings

Tabaka soapstone giraffe carvings

Tabaka soapstone giraffe, cheetah carvings

Tabaka heart carvings

Tabaka heart carvings

Tabaka family carvings

Tabaka family carvings

Tabaka animal carving

Tabaka animal carving

Tabaka soapstone couples carving

Tabaka soapstone couples carving


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