Below is a guide on how start a cyber cafe business in Kenya and run it successfully.

How to start a cyber cafe business in Kenya and emerge successfully
How to start a cyber cafe business in Kenya and emerge successfully/Photo


Get a license

Apply for a license from the relevant authority in the area you want to set up your business. That can obtained from county offices.

Find a suitable location

A cyber cafe should be placed where there are many people who will need your services.It is very important to start the business at a strategic location where your business will easily be seen by everybody.It is also advisable to set it up near institutions of learning and hospitals.

Buy original and high quality machines

Consider the Disk space, RAM and processor before buying your computers.


Find a suitable insurance provider to insure your business.

Securing the computers

There are soft wares that track the amount of money to be paid by a customer according to the amount of time spent by the customer. It is very important to install this software into your computers when starting the business to get 100 per cent benefit in your work.The software ensures that one administrator which is you,always opens the computer for it to be used.


If it will be necessary for you to find employees who can help you in running the business, give work to someone or people who know how to operate all computers.

You can now go ahead and set up the cyber cafe of your dreams anywhere you want but bearing my guidelines in mind.

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