Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Wilson Sossion has asked the teachers service commission (TSC) and the Jubilee not to give other promises touching on education matters until they fulfill their 2013  promises.

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Wilson Sossion
Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Wilson Sossion/Photo


Jubilee promises on Education

During the 2013 general election campaigns, the Jubilee government had promised to provide laptops to all Class One students within the first 100 days of jubilee ruling, a promise which has not been fulfilled. Only a few selected schools have received tablets in what was termed as pilot phase study. Jubilee had also promised to implement signed CBAs.

While addressing a political rally in Lamu, Coast  on Thursday 25th May 2017, president Uhuru Kenyatta made yet another promise that secondary education will be free in 2018 (read full promise).  A promise that seemed to have angered Wilson Sossion  and he had to react.

Sossision On TSC

Regarding TSC sossion saidWe signed a CBA of Ksh54 billion, and agreed with TSC that breakdown for every teacher and implementation schedule should be released by February 2017, we are almost in June and it is yet to happen

Sossion to the Jubilee government
Regarding the jubilee government sossion said “Right now the government is unable to pay even capitation of Ksh12, 000 per child per year. … Principals cannot run schools because of that deficit.”

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