The straigh-curly mohawk is one of the most popular exquisite mahowk variations in Kenya. It is deeply embraced by both young ladies and men, more so those in college and/or in the entertainment sector. Though the style is affordable, it needs boldness to carry it through hence more suitable for outgoing adventurous individuals.

Shaved-side curl mohawk in Kenya and how style
Shaved-side curl mohawk in Kenya and how style/Photo by styleinterest



This style is defined by a two-side haircut leaving the hair in the middle of the head through the back to be relaxed and curled up to enhance the look. One can choose to have the curls thickened up or a little wavey depending on their preference. The style can also be spiced up with a little bit of creativity on the shaved section by coming up with different patterns to showcase the inner feelings or brand of the wearer.


Though some may view the straight-curl mohawk as another simple style, the versatility it provides is simply incredible. It is even enticing to know one can play around with the length of the hair to come up with awesome styles for different occasions. For instance for a bit of down to earth look, the hair can be kept at medium length while for that fun-oriented informal events, one can just work with their current hair length to achieve that lengthy curly fanky look,  the freestyle way.


The look gets even more elegant when combined with colours. One can select different hair colours to use to achieve that breathtaking view. It is a bold style for the strong hearted and if you feel you can pull it off, why wait any longer when you can try it today!

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