Microsoft Surface Laptop launched. It will run on Windows 10s and here is what you need to know about it

Microsoft surface back and colors
Microsoft surface back and colors/photo
  •  Price: The new Microsoft Surface Laptops goes at $999 and runs on Windows 10s
  • Colors: Microsoft Surface Laptop comes in different colors
  • Date Available: June 15th June


What Techies are saying about the new Microsoft Surface Laptop


  • @thesephist: Surface laptop is a Chromebook competitor. Microsoft stopped caring about the MacBook Air a while ago.
  • @iainl7: As ever with Microsoft computers, it’s not about selling them. It’s about saying that because they’re as expensive as Apple they’re as good.
  • @Spud387 : I can’t think of a single user that would want their software library artificially restricted by Microsoft.
  • @nickontech: Just saw the Microsoft surface launch video. I think i am old enough to say I remember when apple was this cool.
  • @tomwarren: Microsoft tells me the Surface Laptop will be coming to markets outside the US very soon after June 15th.
  • @sunnyrjuneja: Microsoft is making a serious case for their hardware and software being “good.” However, a lot of fine details still awful.
  • @deacon_malia: Microsoft and apple are both lame at this point. Tho, Microsoft is making a comeback. Apple is dying.
  • @MicrosoftEDU: We’re incorporating the best features of Microsoft Classroom into our new classroom experiences of Microsoft Teams!
Microsoft Surface  Intel Core i7 7th Gen , Photo of hardware
Microsoft Surface laptop runs on Intel Core i7 7th Gen/Photo
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